3 Daily Habits That Increase Your Sales Guaranteed

by | Oct 9, 2021 | Sales

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Today on the Inside BS Show, we’re talking about the 3 daily habits that will make you more money, making you a successful salesman.

As a salesperson, you need to stay top of mind. You meet a lot of clients every day. Some of those interactions turn into sales, and some don’t. But what happens after you interact with those clients?

Consider the fact that your clients also encounter different salespeople daily and are presented with other product offerings. It’s no wonder that they may easily forget you or your products and services. The market is competitive.

So how can you stay top of mind, ensuring that your customers remember you when the time comes for buying?

Apply these 3 sales habits daily and become a successful salesman with explosive sales numbers!


00:00 – 3 Daily Habits That Increase Your Sales Guaranteed
00:32 – How effective are handwritten notecards?
02:35 – How likely are you to get a positive response from a prospective client?
03:03 – Should you help people connect with each other?
03:31 – Demonstrating your external orientation: how to stay top of mind.
04:30 – Should calls to your clients always be sales calls?
05:49 – How can you recommend your clients to other people? 

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