5 Steps to a Sales Pitch That Will Close the Deal

by | Nov 16, 2021 | Sales

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Can A Sales Pitch Save Your Life?

Well it can certainly save your business. Join me for today’s show and I’ll share a story about how I gave a killer sales pitch that saved my business and set us up with work for an entire year.

Even if that stakes are not that high, you need to develop these skills to help you win in sales. Invest 8 minutes in discovering the strategy that has helped hundreds of professionals win thousands of deals.


00:00 – How to Create a Winning Sales Pitch
00:29 – Step 1 to a Winning Sales Pitch: What Problem Are You Solving?
02:42 – Step 2 to a Winning Sales Pitch: Use Three Reasons Model
04:40 – Step 3 to a Winning Sales Pitch: Frame the Situation
05:40 – Step 4 to a Winning Sales Pitch: Emotionally Compelling and Logically Sound
07:20 – Step 5 to a Winning Sales Pitch: What Happens if They Don’t Solve This Problem?

đź“şWatch and Enjoy!

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