A Great Coach Can Change Your Life | Linda Brennan | Show 74

by | May 23, 2022 | Life Coaching

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A Great Coach Can Change Your Life | Linda Brennan | Show 74

by Dave Lorenzo

A Great Coach Can Change Your Life

On this episode of the Inside BS Show, Dave Lorenzo interviews Life Engineer Linda Brennan. Linda and Dave discuss many important issues for entrepreneurs. Linda even helps Dave think through a couple of challenging issues he is facing.

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00:00 – The Difference a Great Coach Can Make in Your Life
01:16  – What is a Life Engineer?
02:47  – The struggle of having work/life balance
06:18  – How to say NO to some things?
07:18  – Dave’s making tough choices between family or business
12:14  – How to be fully present for family
14:45  – How do coaching and consulting differ? 
18:20  – How to fill our lives with people who energize us and make us happy
29:07 – What is the danger of comparing ourselves to others
32:26 – Is it natural for humans to be ethical or unethical?
37:51 – A case study: How can we remind ourselves of our values in crucial times?

Linda Brennan Life Engineer 478-461-2690 Linda@BrennanPhD.com https://brennanphd.com/

Linda’s career has spanned management and engineering positions at Philip Morris, IBM, the Quaker Oats Company, and The Coca-Cola Company; consulting in dozens of industries, and teaching leadership, management, and strategy to audiences from undergraduates to executives.

Her passion is to help others to help themselves for maximum impact. Working with ambitious and dedicated professionals, she stresses the importance of working toward a clear vision with intentionality and accountability in all aspects of life. Aligning time investments with personal and professional goals enables clients to perform at their best. A seasoned professional and creative problem solver, she is a widely published author. She completed her Ph.D. from Northwestern University, an MBA from the University of Chicago, and her bachelor’s from the Georgia Institute of Technology. A Six Sigma Black Belt, she earned her professional engineering license in Georgia and has been a certified Project Management Professional.

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