A Master Class in Immigration Law | Christina Coleman | Show 65

by | May 6, 2022 | Immigration Law

Audio Podcast

A Master Class in Immigration Law | Christina Coleman | Show 65

by Dave Lorenzo

A Master Class in Immigration Law

On this episode of The Inside BS Show, Dave Lorenzo interviews Christina Coleman, an immigration lawyer based in Chicago. They discuss the entire immigration process.

Join us for this fantastic episode of the Inside BS Show.


00:00 – A Master Class in Immigration Law
01:20  – Why Christina become an Immigration Attorney
06:31  – Immigration Process for Employment in the United States
10:52  – What is an H1B Visa?
15:55  – How does a student visa work in the United States?
19:05  – How can you become a naturalized US citizen?
25:36  – Why everyone should watch the US Citizenship Swearing in Ceremony 
28:23 – What it takes to obtain a green card and permanent residency in the United States
34:55  – What should individuals do to prepare for citizenship questions?
37:48  – What Is the Difference Between Naturalization and Citizenship?
39:53  – Is it safe to gain US citizenship through a business marriage?
43:19  – What should an employer be worried about when employing someone legally in the United States?

Christina Coleman Immigration Attorney RC Immigration (312) 933-9174 ccoleman@rcimmigrationgroup.com www.rcimmigrationgroup.com

About Christina Coleman: RC Immigration is a boutique law firm focusing exclusively on U.S. immigration issues. Christina Coleman, owner, has the requisite expertise in this niche field to develop comprehensive immigration strategies in a challenging landscape. Christina’s services are billed on a flat fee basis, providing you and your organization with predictability and transparency. As an immigrant herself, Christina understands the importance of delivering personalized and responsive counsel to every client.

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