A Master Class on Arbitration | Elaine Caprio | Show 108

by | Aug 16, 2022 | Arbitration, Mediator

Audio Podcast

A Master Class on Arbitration | Elaine Caprio | Show 108

by Dave Lorenzo

A Master Class on Arbitration

Join Us as Dave Lorenzo interviews Elaine Caprio, and she delivers a master class on arbitration.


00:00 – A Master Class on Arbitration
00:47 – Elaine’s background in becoming Arbitrator and Mediator?
03:42 – How does the Arbitration Procedure Work?
08:36 – How an Arbitrator Maintains Neutrality in Cases
10:31 – What Happens at the End of an Arbitration Process?
12:50 – Who Decides if Evidence is Admissible?
14:13 – Describe the procedure for selecting the Umpire.
16:35 – How can an Umpire Maintain Neutrality at all times?
18:54 – How to Avoid Making Reversible Mistakes in Court?
23:59 – What is the Procedure for Filing a Judicial Appeal?
25:25 – What is Missing From or Often Ignored by People in Arbitration Clauses That They Should Have?
27:13 – What are the Benefits of Using a Single Panel in a Clause?
28:35 – Prototype of a Next Generation Arbitration Clause: An article by Elaine Caprio
31:08 – How is the Venue Clause Handled in Arbitration?
32:46 – What is the Difference Between Mediation and Arbitration?
34:03 – How does Elaine Approach Mediation?                35:45 Elaine’s Perspective on Her Duty as a Mediator
37:47 – Can a Mediator Communicate Directly with a Party?
41:04 – How does Mandatory Mediation Work in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts?
41:44 – Two Reasons Why a Party Goes to Mediation     43:36 – How will Elaine Caprio Mediate for People to Overcome the Final Obstacle?
45:40 – What Types of Disputes does Elaine Arbitrate?
47:23 – Why is the Insurance Industry ideal for Arbitration and Mediation?
49:09 – What are Elaine’s Concerns about Gender Equality in the Workplace?

Elaine Caprio Arbitrator and Mediator President, Caprio Consulting and Coaching LLC (617) 833-9576 http://www.caprioconsulting.com elaine@caprioconsulting.com

About Elaine Caprio: Elaine Caprio leads Caprio Consulting and Coaching L.L.C, providing arbitration and mediation services, management consulting, and gender-balanced leadership coaching. She is on the National Roster of Arbitrators and Mediators for the American Arbitration Association and for the reinsurance and arbitration society ARIAS-US.

Before forming Caprio Consulting, Ms. Caprio held executive operational and legal roles at Liberty Mutual Insurance including Vice President and Manager of Corporate Procurement and Vice President and Director of Ceded Reinsurance.

Ms. Caprio was honored as a Business Insurance Woman to Watch in 2007 and as an Influential Woman in Re/Insurance by Intelligent Insurer magazine in 2017 and currently serves on the Board for the Massachusetts Insurance and Reinsurance Bar Association. Ms. Caprio holds a B.A. magna cum laude from Providence College, and a J.D. cum laude from Suffolk University Law School.

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