A Solo Law Practice is a Job Not a Business | Show 169

by | Aug 25, 2023 | Business, Law

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A Solo Law Practice is a Job Not a Business | Show 169

by Dave Lorenzo

A Solo Law Practice is a Job Not a Business

In this riveting episode of The Inside BS Show, join Dave Lorenzo and Nicola Gelormino (Nicki G) as they engage in a heated debate over whether a sole practitioner in the legal field truly has a business or just a job. The sparks fly when Dave presents his viewpoint that solo practitioners are essentially buying themselves a job, while Nicki G passionately argues for the flexibility and freedom solo practice brings. Just as the debate heats up, they introduce their mediator and arbitrator friend, Amy Mariani, to potentially settle the matter. But will she side with one or provide a neutral perspective? Dive into the discussion to find out and learn more about the roles of mediators and arbitrators from Amy. Don’t miss out!

About Inside BS Show with The Godfather and Nicki G

The Inside BS Show with the Godfather and Nicki G provides business leaders with inside business secrets to help them make a great living and live a great life. Since its inception in 2020, the show has been a valuable resource for CEOs and business leaders seeking the personal and professional knowledge they need to take their businesses to the next level while making the journey more rewarding.

Dave Lorenzo and Nicola Gelormino have the unique ability to get their guests to share the insider secrets that have helped them dominate their industries.

A new episode is released at 8 AM each business day.


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