An Introduction to Asset Protection | Rodney Hatley | Show 125

by | Jun 20, 2023 | Asset Protection, Estate Planning

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An Introduction to Asset Protection | Rodney Hatley | Show 125

by Dave Lorenzo

An Introduction to Asset Protection

Clients call Rodney Hatley when:

(1) They are concerned about minimizing or eliminating estate, generation-skipping transfer, and gift taxes;              (2) They are taking their company public (we can move their stock ownership into special trusts so that the value of the company is out of their estates for estate, generation-skipping transfer, and gift tax purposes);            (3) They are selling their company and are concerned about claims of fraud and nondisclosure when buyer’s remorse sets in (we can put the proceeds into asset protection trusts so that the money is protected from later litigation over the sale of the company); or                    (4) They have been sued (we can help them understand their rights and responsibilities so that they can make informed decisions regarding next steps).

Rodney Hatley                                                                        Estate Planning & Asset Protection Attorney                Hatley Law Group, A P.C                                                        (858) 465-8001                            


00:00 – An Introduction to asset protection
01:29 – How did Rodney become an Asset Protection Attorney?
04:35 – How important is asset protection for business owners?
08:27 – What distinguishes an operational business from a holding company
10:59 – Why it’s important to use a special purpose entity
13:33 – What are the basic requirements for an estate plan?
19:19 – What are the most common mistakes people make with their estate plans? 
22:03 How does Rod protect his clients’ private information when they buy a property?
24:26 – What exactly is an Asset Protection Plan?

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