Attention Sales Managers: Fire Everyone Who Is Late

by | Sep 27, 2021 | Sales

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Attention Sales Managers: Fire Everyone Who Is Late

Sales Managers: People who are chronically late are not deserving of your trust for three reasons:

1. They don’t respect you

2. They don’t respect themselves

3. They don’t respect your clients or the business you are doing with them.

This is not your usual sales management video. In this episode of The Inside BS Show, Dave Lorenzo makes the argument that people who are chronically late cannot be trusted.

If you are a person who has trouble managing your schedule or scheduling your time, this video is your wake up call. If you are a sales manager and you manage these people, realize, it is your choice. You don’t have to put up with this behavior. Fire these people immediately.


00:00 – Fire Everyone Who Is Late
00:30 – Story of the CIA Operative Who Was Late: “When you’re late someone dies.”
03:15 – What If They Are Only Late One Time?
03:37 – Bad Things Happen When People in Sales Show up Late
05:07 – Being Late is a Sign of Disrespect
05:56 – Salespeople Who Are Late Lack Discipline
06:49 – Sales Representatives Who are Late Have No External Orientation 
07:41If Your Salespeople are Late They are Irresponsible

đź“şWatch and Enjoy!

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