B2B Branding and Lead Generation Secrets | Kait LeDonne | #28

by | Mar 16, 2022 | B2B Sales, Lead Generation

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B2B Branding and Lead Generation Secrets | Kait LeDonne | #28

by Dave Lorenzo

B2B Branding and Lead Generation Secrets

If you like B2B leads (and who doesn’t) you’ve got to join us for today’s Inside BS Show. On this episode Dave Lorenzo interviews Kait LeDonne, a branding expert who has cracked the code on LinkedIn.

Kait shares lots of secrets and helps us grasp the most important aspects of branding in a digital age.


00:00 – Introduction
01:45 – How Kait Become an Expert in Branding Using New Media
04:30 – Is it Branding or Is It Lead Generation? Does It Matter?
06:00 – Why Dave Has It Backwards
09:00 – Kait and Dave Talk About the Perception and Why Kait’s Approach is So Effective
11:00 – Branding is Not About YOU!
12:30 – Why Do You Start a Business? Not Because You’re Good at Something. Because People Need It.
15:00 – How Does Kait Get Results Where Other People Fail?
20:00 Should We Accept People We Don’t Know on LinkedIn?
25:56 – Why Kait Moved into “Done for You” Model
29:00 – How Kait’s Model Generates Buy-in
30:20 – What Does Kait’s Discovery Phase Look Like?
34:00 – What is a Real Business vs. Lead Generation?
35:15 – Facebook and Instagram: Only Use Them If Your Clients are Consumers or Gen X
39:00 – Should We Use Retargeting to Serve Ads to People Who Connect with Us?

Kait LeDonne Personal Branding Expert kait@brandwisemedia.com https://www.brandwisemedia.com/

About Kait LeDonne Kait LeDonne is the founder of Brandwise Media, a personal brand & social media agency based in NYC. Kait has authored the book “The Attraction Magnet: “The 7 Insider Secrets The World’s Biggest Brands Use to Attract Customers Who Can’t Wait to Buy From Them,” and is regularly featured in national and international publications as a commentator on celebrity and corporate brands. Kait also developed one of the first online courses centered around LinkedIn, The Influence Academy, to teach executives how to position themselves as thought leaders in their respective spaces. To date, over 100 executives have completed the program.

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