Do You Want To Be In Business with Your Partner’s Crazy Spouse? | John Gotschall | Show #9

by | Feb 17, 2022 | Business, Financial Coaching, Partnership

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Do You Want To Be In Business with Your Partner’s Crazy Spouse? | John Gotschall | Show #9

by Dave Lorenzo

Do You Want to Be In Business with Your Partner’s Crazy Spouse? I know it sounds a little strange but when you enter a partnership, you may be setting yourself up to be in business with your partner’s family in the event of their death. This is a COMPLETELY AVOIDABLE situation if you have a good agreement and an insurance policy that will fund a buyout of your partners estate. On this episode of the Inside BS Show, we address this issue and other events you should think about and plan for in your business and your life.


00:00 – Introduction to Financial Coaching
01:00 – How John Became a Financial Coach
03:00 – How Can Insurance Lead to a Better and More Secure Retirement?
05:19 – Why is Long Term Care Insurance Necessary?
08:15 – The Best Time to Invest in an Insurance Policy
10:00 – What Should a Young Person Think About when It Comes to Insurance?
14:40 – What About an Insurance for the Spouse Who Does Not Work Outside the Home? 
16:00 How can Insurance Be Used as an Asset Protection Tool?
22:00 What Business Owners and Professionals Can Do to Shelter Income from Taxes
25:10 – John Gotschall Client Success Stories
29:14 – Why is Key Person Insurance Important?
34:20 – How John Got Into Financial Services
36:39 – How Does John Get new Clients?
38:00 – What Groups Does John Gotschall Belong To?

John Gotschall’s Contact Information (847) 813-5511

About John Gotschall John started Coaching Financial in March 1998 and Coaching Insurance in January 2009. He is an expert in employee benefits with specialty in group health plans working as a broker.

Coaching Financial and Coaching Insurance support small to large companies. Coaching Financial is based around sports. We coach our clients and help them win daily! People matter – we treat our team and clients the way we would want to be treated. The Golden Rule. John is a veteran financial planner with licenses in Life, Health, and Property & Casualty licensee -Series 6, 7, and 63 licensee -Registered Representative, The Leaders Group, Inc.,1998 -Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU), 2003.

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