Employment Law Master Class: How to Avoid Trouble with Your Employees | Susan Lorenc | #12

by | Feb 22, 2022 | Employment, Law

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Employment Law Master Class: How to Avoid Trouble with Your Employees | Susan Lorenc | #12

by Dave Lorenzo

If you have employees or you manage employees you need to checkout this episode of The Inside BS Show. On today’s show, Dave Lorenz and his guest, Susan Lorenc, a Partner with the law firm of Thompson Coburn LLP, discuss a wide range of issues relating to employee management. Susan is a fantastic source of information and she generously shares what you should and SHOULDN’T do.

This show will save you money, time and a lot of heartache. Join us! Please Note: The information contained on this show (a) has been offered by Susan Lorenc for informational purposes only, (b) does not constitute legal advice, and (c) is not guaranteed to be complete, up-to-date, or accurate in all respects.


00:00 – Introduction to Employment Law
01:10 – How Susan Became an Employment Attorney
02:00 – What Does an Employment Attorney Do?
04:00 – Is It Easier to get Clients If You’re on the Employer side or the Employee Side?
05:00 – The Work Environment Has Changed in the Past 30 years. Can We Still Have Fun at Work?
07:40 – What is Unwelcomed Behavior?
09:20 – What is the Difference Between Quid-Pro-Quo Issues and Third-Party Issues? 
14:43 – Are You Ever Off Duty as a Manager? Do You Have Legal Exposure After Work?
16:21 – Is the Employee Handbook You Buy on the Internet Good Enough?
22:26 – What Has Changed About the Workforce with So Many People Working from Home
27:30 – Can You Structure a Job Based Upon Outcomes vs Hourly Pay?
31:00 – What is a Contractor vs an Employee?
35:00 – Can you have a Sales Tryout vs a Probationary Period?
37:15 – How Do We Classify a Virtual Assistant for Employment Purposes?
40:00 – What are Best Practices for Reference Checks and Background Checks?
42:30 – Never Ask About Pay. Here’s Why…                      49:00 The One Thing You Must Know About Googling Someone Before You Hire Them

Susan Lorenc’s Contact Information (312) 580-2324 slorenc@thompsoncoburn.com https://www.thompsoncoburn.com/people…

About Susan Lorenc Susan is an experienced and trusted employment law advisor who counsels employers at every stage of a personnel-related issue. She drafts policies, assists with hiring and firing, conducts workplace investigations, and provides seamless representation in state and federal courts on employment matters.

For companies with five employees to those with 5,000, Susan provides day-to-day counseling on a wide variety of matters including background checks, discrimination, retaliation, enforcement of covenants not to compete, wage and hours issues, and family and medical leave. She serves as a dedicated extension of a company’s human resources department, offering responsive, practical guidance that is shaped by an organization’s ultimate goals — not the other way around.

Susan has successfully prepared and argued substantive motions in state and federal court, in addition to mediations, arbitrations and appeals, including experience arguing before the 7th Circuit, which affirmed the granting of a summary judgment motion for her clients. In recent years, Susan has developed special experience in classification issues for exempt or non-exempt employees and employer obligations for background checks and the Fair Credit Report Act, both areas of increased enforcement by the EEOC. She has also spoken extensively and counseled employers on the impact of legalized medical marijuana laws on workplace policies and employee discipline actions.

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