Estate Planning Master Class: Conversation with an Estate Planning Expert | Nina Stillman | #17

by | Mar 1, 2022 | Estate Planning

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Estate Planning Master Class: Conversation with an Estate Planning Expert | Nina Stillman | #17

by Dave Lorenzo

Estate Planning Master Class: Conversation with an Estate Planning Expert | Nina Stillman

Imagine if you could sit down with a brilliant attorney who cared about you and gave you amazing advice that prolonged your life and helped you plan for the future of your family. Wouldn’t that be an amazing gift? Think of a friend, with a superpower to help protect your assets while you are alive and make sure everything smoothly passes to your heirs when you die. Someone who is looking out for you.

Most of us don’t have this person in our lives…until now.

On today’s Inside BS Show, Dave Lorenzo interviews attorney Nina Stillman. Nina not only helps people protect their financial future, but she also has great advice for living longer and making sure your family is well cared-for.

Join us for one of the most valuable sessions we’ve had to date.

Nina Stillman Trust and Estates Attorney (312) 819-5358


00:00 – How to Plan for Your Death: Conversation with an Estate Planning Expert
01:30 – Why Nina Stillman is the Perfect Person to Talk About State Planning
01:54 – The Two Times You Need to think About Estate Planning
02:20 – Reasons Why Everyone Needs a Will
04:30 – What Other Documents Do We Need in Estate Planning
05:50 – What Happens with the Documents When Someone Dies?
07:00 – What is a Revocable Trust 
08:15 Can’t You Just Get a Will from Legal Zoom?
10:20 – How Can You Use Estate Planning for Asset Protection?
13:00 – Lessons Nina Learned from Her Entrepreneur Dad
16:00 – What Assets Should You Hold in Special Purpose Entities?
18:00 – The Story of Prince and How a Lack of Estate Planning Can Cost You
23:00 – The Things That Can Screw Up Any Good Estate Plan
27:00 – What Happens to Your Estate Plan When You Get Divorced?
29:30 – How Does Life Insurance Interact with a Trust?
31:00 – Set Up Guardians for Kids in the Event of a Divorce 34:20 Why was 2021 a Challenging Year for Nina?              40:00 The Importance of Being Checked for Brest Cancer

Critical Information About Brest Cancer

Where to Find FREE Mammograms

Information About the Susan G. Komen Foundation (Brest Cancer)

bout Nina Stillman Whether creating a complex estate plan for a family with assets in excess of 40 million dollars, including several businesses, real estate holdings in multiple locations and adult children and young grandchildren; drafting her opinion as an Expert Witness; working with a business and its owners to create a Buy/Sell agreement or draft contractual agreements; Nina brings the full force of her experience to safeguard her clients and secure their peace of mind. Nina’s legal analysis is second to none. It’s one of her greatest differentiators. Like most attorneys, Nina has an understanding of the various tools at her disposal to legally keep her clients safe. Unlike most, her experience allows her to analyze, testify, and render an opinion as an undefeated Expert Witness for legal malpractice trials. She is also uniquely skilled at deploying those tools in the most ethical, most binding manner. Another distinguishing characteristic is the depth of her understanding of the often profoundly intertwined relationship between an individual’s personal life and professional life. Nina believes they’re seldom separate concerns for business owning families.

“I grew up in a family of five with a business owner father, and his business was the sixth member of the family at the dinner table most nights. We all shared in the business’ ups and downs and felt pride and attachment to the business.

That’s where I got my business degree, at the dinner table.”

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