Go For The No And Close More Deals | Show 189

by | Sep 27, 2023 | Closing Deals

Audio Podcast

Go For The No And Close More Deals | Show 189

by Dave Lorenzo

In this episode, Dave Lorenzo and Nicola Gelormino discuss the power of the word “no” in the business realm, and how it can be both a motivator and an empowerment tool. While many people dread hearing the word “no”, both Dave and Nicola emphasize the significance of understanding and valuing its role in decision-making and business growth.

Key Points from the Show:

1. Understanding Feedback and Adjusting Strategies:
   – It’s essential to continually track your progress.
   – If something isn’t working, make adjustments.
   – Receiving negative feedback or ‘no’ can be common, and it’s essential to be prepared for the long game. It can take years to achieve the desired results.

2. Building and Maintaining Client Relationships:
   – Developing relationships with larger companies can take up to 10 years, but these can turn into lifelong clients.
   – For optimal success, diversify the companies or clients you’re trying to engage with.

3. Dave and Nicola’s Success in Networking:
   – Dave and Nicola have successfully built the largest group in a networking organization, Provisors, with 56 people, doubling the average size.
   – Their secret? They reached out to 350 people to achieve this number, showcasing the importance of persistence.

4. Dealing with Rejection:
   – Most people give up after facing a few rejections, but perseverance is the key.
   – Nicola recalls a time when someone mistook their networking group for a multi-level marketing scheme. Instead of being disheartened, they pushed forward.
   – Remember the ‘yes’s and forget the ‘no’s. The people who initially reject might come around later.

5. Attitude Towards Rejection:
   – Every ‘no’ should be viewed as a step closer to a ‘yes.’
   – Having a short memory helps, especially when handling rejections.

6. Closing Remarks:
   – Rejections are a part of the journey.
   – It’s crucial to maintain a positive attitude and continue pushing forward.
   – Share knowledge and experiences with fellow entrepreneurs for mutual growth.

Notable Quotes:
– “I mean, you described a five-year period to get there. Working in a professional services space, I’ve seen it take up to 10 years to get a really excellent client.”
– “So I’m standing in front of a room full of these people yesterday and I said, everybody comes up to Nicola and me and they ask, Hey, listen, how did you guys get 56 people to join your group? It’s amazing. You know how we did it? It was really simple. We asked 350 people to join the group.”
– “Every time you hear no, the way to look at it is it gets closer. It gets you closer to a yes.”
– “You’re the field goal kicker, which means you have a short memory. The one you missed yesterday has no impact on the shot you’re taking today.”

*Note: These show notes provide an organized and concise overview of the podcast episode. For a more in-depth understanding, it’s recommended to listen to the full episode.*

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