How a CFO Can Help Shape Business Strategy | Lawrence Chester | #38

by | Mar 30, 2022 | Business Strategy, CFO

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How a CFO Can Help Shape Business Strategy | Lawrence Chester | #38

by Dave Lorenzo

Would you like the business experience of an entrepreneur, corporate executive and CFO without having to take on a full-time salary? You must join us for today’s Inside BS Show.

On this show, Dave Lorenzo speaks with Lawrence Chester, the Founder and Entrepreneur behind CFO Simplified, an outsourced Chief Financial Officer for your business.

Dave and Larry talk about a host of issues, including how your financial information should inform your business decisions and how busy executives can balance business and life.


00:00 Introduction: How a CFO Can Help Shape Business Strategy

01:30 How Do Entrepreneurs Manage Business and Life?

04:00 Larry and Dave Discuss the Consequences of Mistakes in Entrepreneurship

05:20 Is Larry’s Financial Guidance Different Because He Has Corporate Experience?

07:15 Does Personality Play a Role When Larry is Assigning a CFO to a Company?

08:40 What Size Business Is Ready for a CFO?

11:30 What are the Different Ways Larry’s Team Can Help a Business Owner?

12:30 Who Needs a Full Time, In-House CFO?

14:00 How to Work with Larry Chester to Get Your Business Ready for Financing

16:30 Why You Need to Check with Larry Before You Add Staff or Office/Warehouse Space

19:30 Does It Make Sense to Enter a New Line of Business? Larry Can Help Answer That.

27:40 How Do I Make a Business Decision to Add Executive Staffing?

30:40 How Business Insight is Competitive Advantage for CFO Simplified

33:35 What Issues are Business Owners Struggling with Today?

36:00 What Can Business Owners Do to Help with a Seasonal Cash Flow Crunch?

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