How Does a Private Investigator Look at Your Finances? | Stuart Berman | Show 89

by | Jun 15, 2022 | Finances, Private Investigator

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How Does a Private Investigator Look at Your Finances? | Stuart Berman | Show 89

by Dave Lorenzo

How Does a Private Investigator Look at Your Finances?

On this episode of the Inside BS Show, Dave Lorenzo interviews Stuart Berman. They discuss all manners of fraud and how people get caught (among other things).

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00:00 – How Does a Private Investigator Look at Your Finances?
01:04 – What inspired Stuart to become a Special Agent and Investigator?
03:38 – Stuart’s background includes working for the Illinois Department of Securities, as well as being a retired federal agent and forensic accountant.
07:14 – What is a General Services Administration (GSA)
09:20 – How the General Services Administration handles whistleblower cases?
12:54 – Who engages Stuart?
14:48 – How does a Licensed Private Investigator like Stuart work in the United States? 
16:07 Virtual Reality Assets, Crypto, and NFTs: A Private Investigator, Anti-Money Laundering Specialist, and Certified Fraud Examiner’s Perspective
26:37 – How do complex schemes, such as sophisticated fraud, grow exponentially?
28:23 – How does the US law tracing money back two generations work?
32:25 – How can a Real Estate Attorney spot a Red Flag Fund?

Stuart Berman Co-Founder RSA Management & Investigations (708) 417-9269

About Stuart Berman:

Stuart G. Berman CFE, PSP, CAMS, is the Principal and Co-Founder of RSA Risk Management & Investigations LLC. Prior to co-founding RSA, Stuart was an award-winning Special Agent In Charge where he supervised the regional criminal, civil and administrative investigative program, encompassing six Midwestern states and 12 judicial districts. With more than 20 years of federal law enforcement and extensive government investigative experience in conducting complex internal and external investigations. Stuart is a Certified Fraud Examiner and a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist with more than 25 years of experience conducting and leading audits, quality assurance reviews, examinations, risk assessments, internal controls reviews and testing, and inspections. Stuart possesses strong forensic accounting skills and is highly experienced at implementing proactive data analytics, analyzing records and information, interpreting data, summarizing, and presenting complex financial and commercial-related issues. Prior to Stuart’s federal law enforcement career, he worked with the Illinois Secretary of State, Department of Securities. He investigated several multi-million dollar unregistered investment promissory note Ponzi Schemes, in Illinois. In addition to Ponzi Schemes, Stuart investigated numerous “churn and burn” and conversion of customer assets cases. Among Stuart’s many investigative accomplishments, was a five-year GSA OIG, FBI undercover investigation in which numerous consensual recordings were made of GSA officials and contractors by cooperators. By the conclusion of the investigation, approximately 19 individuals composed of contractor employees, GSA employees, a court security officer, and an FBI typist; were charged with various bribery charges and with disclosure of wire and oral communications and pleaded guilty. In addition to the vast array of investigative experience, GSA OIG’s oversight of the Federal Protective Service prior to the Department of Homeland Security realignment, provided Stuart with expertise in physical, technical and personnel security. This all-important work resulted in Stuart’s experience in site surveys, physical security assessments, threat assessments, and business continuity plans.

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