How Employee Benefits Can Be a Competitive Advantage | Andrew Godfried | Show 58

by | Apr 27, 2022 | Employee Benefit

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How Employee Benefits Can Be a Competitive Advantage | Andrew Godfried | Show 58

by Dave Lorenzo

One of the toughest decisions a business owner or leader has to make is which benefits to provide his team and how much the company should contribute to the benefit cost.

On today’s Inside BS Show, Dave Lorenzo interviews Andrew Godfried, an employee benefits expert. They discuss all the tough decisions business leaders make related to benefits.

If you want to make sure your benefits package is competitive, join us for this show.


00:00  – How Employee Benefits Can Be a Competitive Advantage
01:05  – Why is Employee Benefits So Important?
02:35  – What are “The Basics” in Employee Benefits?
08:41  – How Andrew Uses Data to Get the Best Rates for His Clients
13:20  – When Should We Start Looking for Employee Benefits?
14:47  – What is Open enrollment?
15:50  – How Did Andrew Get Started in this Industry? Experience
18:19  – Why Should You Work with an Insurance Broker?
19:59 – How Does Andrew Match Up Benefit Providers with Companies?
22:11  – What Kind of Industry Analysis does Andrew Provide to His Clients?
23:12  – Does Andrew Advise His Clients on the Employer Contribution to Benefit Costs?

Andrew Godfried VP of Business Development Risk Strategies (978) 317-9687

About Andrew Godfried: Employee Benefit insurance sales executive with a passion for providing guidance to businesses to gain control over their costs, with increased employee engagement, understanding and appreciation.

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