How Lawyers, Accountants, and Other Professionals Handle Mistakes | Charles Franklin | #25

by | Mar 11, 2022 | Handling Mistakes, Professionals

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How Lawyers, Accountants, and Other Professionals Handle Mistakes | Charles Franklin | #25

by Dave Lorenzo

How Lawyers, Accountants, and Other Professionals Handle Mistakes

Every lawyer needs to watch this show. In fact, every professional needs to watch this show. On this episode of The Inside BS Show Dave Lorenzo speaks with Charles Franklin, an attorney who represents professionals when they get in trouble. Charlie has a great deal of wisdom to share about the practice of law, being a professional, and handling issues in your practice.


00:00 – Introduction How to Handle a Mistake in Professional Services
02:10 – What are the Three C’s of Handling an Issue with a Licensing Body?
08:00 – Why Do You Need to Hire an Attorney to Represent You in a Licensing Matter?
10:20 – Charlie Explains the Difference between a Procedural Error and Misconduct
14:00 – Dave tells a Grievance Committee Horror Story
16:00 – What is a Fine vs. a Fee?
18:00 – How is the Disciplinary Process Different Across all Professions?
23:40 – How Did Charlie Get into Representation of Licensed Professionals?
26:00 – What Other Work Does Charlie Do as an Attorney?
29:00 – What Advice Does Charlie Have For Young Professionals
30:56 – Charlie tells a Story about a Case that He Really Enjoyed
33:00 – How Does Charlie Make The Most of His Networking
35:30 – Empathy, Understanding, and Discipline: How those Qualities Influence Charlie

Charles Franklin Litigator Founding Partner (847) 701-2250

About Charles Franklin Charles Franklin focuses his law practice on the representation of individuals and businesses in commercial litigation and insurance related matters. That work includes assistance in the presentation of claims, policy analysis and coverage disputes on behalf of policyholders as well as the representation of financial institutions and companies in loss workout, mitigation, and recovery. Charlie also has significant experience in representing highly regulated and registered entities and licensed professionals (such as accountants, physicians, appraisers, inspectors, brokers, and others) either accused of malpractice and/or in licensure, regulatory and disciplinary proceedings at federal, state, county, and local levels, and before private certifying organizations and professional groups. He has often served as a “neutral” or an independent arbitrator being appointed by both policyholders and insurance companies.

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