How to Ask for the Sale without Being Pushy

by | Aug 27, 2021 | Sales

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How to Ask for the Sale without Being Pushy

This is the show to watch if you don’t like sales. Look, nothing happens until somebody sells something but there are different ways to sell. Today we focus on consultative sales and relationship-based selling.

Join Dave Lorenzo, the Dean of Consultative Sales, as he shares all his secrets to building relationships first and then selling afterward.


00:00 – How to ask for the sale without being pushy – Intro
01:12 – Educate
02:39 – Identify a Problem
03:18 – Dollarize the Issue
04:14 – Personalize the Approach
04:46 – Become a Resource
06:50 – Guaranteed Strategy that Always Works in Sales 

đź“şWatch and Enjoy!

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