How to Balance Work and Family as an Entrepreneur | Bridgette Ferraro | Show 78

by | May 27, 2022 | Entrepreneurs, Work Life Balance

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How to Balance Work and Family as an Entrepreneur | Bridgette Ferraro | Show 78

by Dave Lorenzo

How to Balance Work and Family as an Entrepreneur

If you’ve been struggling with balancing work and family as an entrepreneur, you cannot afford to miss this episode of The Inside BS Show. Today Dave Lorenzo interviews Bridgette Ferraro, the CEO of iCopy, a business that helps lawyers obtain medical records.

Join us.


00:00 – How to Balance Work and Family as an Entrepreneur
01:00 – How did Bridgette become CEO of iCopy?
02:03 – What does iCopy do for lawyers?
05:12 – How has the firm progressed since Bridgette’s arrival?
07:24 – How many people are involved in iCopy’s process?
08:47 – How iCopy makes it simple for lawyers to obtain legal information
11:34 – What sets iCopy apart from its competitors? 
13:39 – How does iCopy handle lost or inaccessible data?
16:21 – Who is the ideal iCopy client?
18:20 – What are the issues that iCopy encounters from attorneys?
20:43 – How iCopy levels the playing field for attorneys who don’t have large teams.
22:16 – How much time does Bridgette dedicate to company growth vs operations?
28:19 – How do Bridgette balance a growing family and a complicated business?
36:22 – Is it better to have a combined work and home schedule or a separate timetable?

Bridgette Ferraro CEO iCopy (765) 404-9588

About Bridgette Ferraro: I have over a decade of combined experience in local and international organizations. I am passionate about connecting individuals and organizations to innovative ideas, programming and systems that optimize growth. CEO and part owner at iCopy Legal has been one of my most exciting roles. iCopy is a records retrieval and subpoena preparation solution, prioritizing customer service and partnership with our clients. Founded more than 10 years ago with “by attorneys, for attorneys” at the heart of our business model. Our platform, Nimbus expedites the process and improves the client experience. Nimbus is a proprietary cloud-based software which maximizes transparency and communication, that provides records seamlessly and efficiently.

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