How to Be Different and Grow your Book of Business | Jonathan Mayotte | Show 87

by | Jun 13, 2022 | Commercial Insurance

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How to Be Different and Grow your Book of Business | Jonathan Mayotte | Show 87

by Dave Lorenzo

How to Differentiate Yourself and Grow Your Book of Business

In his episode of The Inside BS Show, Dave Lorenzo interviews Jonathan Mayotte. Jonathan is a highly successful insurance executive. Today’s show is about how a professional service executive grows a book of business. This show can help make you thousands of dollars. Join us for this great edition of The INside BS Show.


00:00 – How to Be Different and Grow your Book of Business
00:52 – How Jonathan got involved in Commercial Insurance
03:07 – What is the best part of working as a Commercial Insurance Specialist?
04:40 – What is the biggest challenge that Jonathan experiences in his job?
05:37 – What is Jonathan’s approach to winning a client from a competitor?
07:38 – What steps did Jonathan take to get to this point in his career?
10:54 How did Jonathan become the Chamber of Commerce Chairman?
15:29 What is the value of being a Chamber of Commerce member?
17:27 – What should a new insurance agent do, and what should they avoid?
21:06 – How to keep your momentum during a long sales cycle
24:31 – How to approach a client whose policy is about to expire and ask for a renewal
27:03 – How is Jonathan’s client information protected?
29:27 – How Jonathan manages his time between working with clients and looking for new ones
30:50 – Who is Jonathan’s ideal client?

Jonathan Mayotte Commercial Insurance Specialist Thornton Powell (217) 649-4714

About Jonathan Mayotte: Jonathan Mayotte is a Commercial Insurance Agent with Thornton Powell and has been with the agency since 2013, advising businesses on their Property & Casualty Insurance program. Jonathan started his Insurance career in 2012 with an Allstate agency in West Palm Beach, FL. Prior to Insurance, Jonathan worked for twelve years in the radio industry as a Disc Jockey, Program Director, and Production Director. Jonathan graduated in 2005 from Illinois State University with a B.S. in Political Science and achieved the coveted designation of Certified Insurance Counselor in 2020. Jonathan enjoys music, playing golf, watching sports, and spending time with family and friends. Jonathan and his wife reside in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago and he serves as Chairman of the Board for the Lincoln Park Chamber of Commerce.

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