How to Become a Better Leader | Renee Scudder | Show 106

by | Aug 2, 2022 | Leadership, Leadership Coaching

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How to Become a Better Leader | Renee Scudder | Show 106

by Dave Lorenzo

How to Become a Better Leader

On today’s Inside BS Show, Dave Lorenzo interviews leadership expert Renee Scudder. Join us for this valuable show.


00:00 – How to Become a Better Leader
01:30 – Common Mistake Renee find in Promoting People to Positions of Leadership?
03:08 – What Should we look for in a Leader?
04:54 – Where Does a  Leadership Abilities Play a Factor?
07:13 – What Characteristics Should be Looked for in a Leadership Coach to help the Candidate for Promotion?
10:09 – How Does Coaching a Veteran Differ from Coaching a Newcomer?
13:49 – How Renee Demonstrate Concrete Interaction with a Distant Workforce? 
17:38 – How Should a Leader Relate to their Team Today without Being Judged?
21:44 – What Makes a Company a Breeding Place for Exceptional Leaders?
24:31 – What Sets Renee Apart From Other Leadership Experts?
28:09 – How are Leadership Relationships at Non-Profit Organizations Different from Renee’s Fortune 100 companies?
29:36 – What Kind of Individual Should Not Be Given a Leadership Position?
30:59 – Can a Leader’s Psychological or Emotional Traits Hinder their Ability to Lead Effectively?
33:46 – Who Should Business Owners Invest in for Leadership Development?

Renee Scudder Leadership Expert (617) 249-4829

About Renee Scudder With more than 20 years in senior management positions and a deep educational background, Renee Scudder brings a distinctive vantage point to executive and corporate leadership training. As the CEO of Inspire Leadership LLC, Renee created a proven, evidence-based framework for helping individuals become high-performing, multidimensional leaders. Her Inspire Leadership Training is for both established and emerging leaders.

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