How to Become a Great Divorce Lawyer | Katy Mickelson | #44

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How to Become a Great Divorce Lawyer

There are many choices available if you are looking for a family law attorney. If you don’t know what to look for in a divorce lawyer, this is the show for you. On this episode of The Inside BS Show, Dave Lorenzo speaks with one of Chicago’s top divorce lawyers as she reveals her secrets to success.

Join us as Dave Lorenzo interviews Chicago Family Law Attorney Katy Mickelson.


00:00 – Intro How to Become a Great Divorce Lawyer
02:00 – Are Second Career Lawyers More Passionate About the Practice of Law?
05:00 – Why did Katy Choose Family Law?
09:30 – How Do Divorce Lawyers Handle the Emotional, Psychological and Financial Aspects of Family Law?
13:30 – Katy Takes Us inside the Room When the First Settlement Conference Happens in a Matrimonial Case
18:30 – How Does a Family Law Attorney Tell When a Client Doesn’t Tell Them The Truth?
26:20 – How Does an Attorney Have a Discussion with a Client about On-going Bad Behavior? 
29:50 – What is the Moment When a Client Realizes They Have to Settle?
33:50– How to Talk a Client Out of Fighting Over Stupid Stuff
39:00 – Two Perspectives on a Divorce Settlement
41:30 – What Should a Client Look for When Hiring a Family Law Attorney?
44:00 – The Emotional Connection that Makes Katy Different from Other Family Law Attorneys

Katy Mickelson Family Law Attorney Partner – Beerman LLP (312) 621-4382…

About Katy Mickelson Known for her thoughtful and straightforward approach to family law, Ms. Mickelson has distinguished herself among her peers by identifying her individual client’s goals and then drawing on her extensive courtroom and mediation experience to bring strategic and empowering representation to each case. By looking at family law issues pragmatically, Ms. Mickelson can craft strategies that will result in resolution that is efficient, expeditious and drama-free. Ms. Mickelson understands and appreciates that no client is the same and that long after family law matters are resolved, the individual and their family remain. It is this understanding that has driven

Ms. Mickelson to ensure that her clients are treated with respect, their needs are met and they emerge from family law conflict feeling empowered and whole.

Ms. Mickelson is an active member of the Women’s Bar Association of Illinois and for eight years, she served as co-chair of the organization’s widely praised Domestic Relations Roundtable, an annual gathering of family law practitioners and more than 20 family law jurists from Cook, Lake and DuPage Counties. Ms. Mickelson was former President of the Associate Board of CARPLS Legal Aid, a Chicago-based legal assistance foundation, and she currently dedicates a significant amount of her time to Make-A-Wish Illinois as the Philanthropy Chair of the organization’s fundraising arm, the Women’s Network. Ms. Mickelson is also is member of the American Writers Museum’s Chicago Council, a group of dedicated professionals who plan and host fundraising events and raise awareness for the Museum. Considered a “trusted resource” among her peers across all industries, Ms. Mickelson leads a monthly group dedicated to business development for senior level advisors for the California-based organization, ProVisors, and she was named the Group Leader of the Year in 2019. In addition to her professional and civic affiliations, Ms. Mickelson is dedicated to educating others on family related matters, having participated as a panel speaker for the Illinois Institute of Continuing Legal Education and authored articles for various non-legal and legal entities, including the American Bar Association.

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