How to Become a Great Leader | Karen Colligan | Show 82

by | Jun 3, 2022 | Great Leadership, Leadership

Audio Podcast

How to Become a Great Leader | Karen Colligan | Show 82

by Dave Lorenzo

How to Become a Great Leader

Today’s Inside BS Show is about you becoming a great leader. Dave Lorenzo interviews Leadership Expert, Karen Colligan. Join us today for a fantastic conversation about building leadership skills and becoming the best you can be.


00:00 – How to Become a Great Leader
01:30 – How Karen Colligan Became a Leadership Expert
02:50 – Promoting the Best Practitioners into Management is a Huge Mistake
05:00 – Create Two Success Tracks in Your Organization
08:20 – How Does Self-Awareness Figure into the Leadership Equation
10:40 – Karen Shares the Key Communication Skills of Great Leaders
12:00 – How Does Vulnerability Figure into Leadership? 
14:00 – Can We Teach People to Become Leaders or Do You Have to Be Born That Way?
17:00 – How Can We Teach Empathy in Leadership?
23:30 – Should We Train Everyone to Be a Leader or Just Select Certain People?
28:00 – What Are Some Things You Can Do to Demonstrate Leadership to Your Boss?
29:30 – How Does a Leader Manage Politics in the Office?
32:00 – How Does a Good Leader Address Toxic People?

Karen Colligan Founder & Principal PeopleThink (415) 710-2264

About Karen Colligan

Karen Colligan is a leadership expert who is on a quest to equip new and advancing leaders to leverage their uniqueness, unleash their leadership potential, and become the leader only they can be.

Karen founded PeopleThink in 2000 and the name says it all. She has never wavered in her belief that people can do more and be more if they choose to. As a corporate leader, consultant, facilitator, and executive coach, she has helped numerous organizations develop and retain their most precious asset: their PEOPLE. She has created leadership initiatives and team initiatives, coached hundreds of leaders to create a vision, design goals toward that vision, and take action to achieve it. The result of this is her signature leadership development program: Keep it Real™ Leadership, a blended learning approach that combines online individual and group learning opportunities with practical application and accountability.

In her Let’s TAWK Leadership Podcast Series she interviews remarkable leaders at all levels within multiple industries who share their unique leadership style.

Karen moved to Manhattan in November 2020 from San Francisco (yes, in the middle of a pandemic). She received her BS in Organizational Development from the University of San Francisco, and is an active member of the USF Mentoring Program. She is member of ProVisors New York, loves the Jersey Shore and seeing live music brings her great joy!

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