How to Become a Great Mediator and Negotiate with Anyone | Amy Mariani | Show 57

by | Apr 26, 2022 | Mediation, Mediator

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How to Become a Great Mediator and Negotiate with Anyone | Amy Mariani | Show 57

by Dave Lorenzo

How to Become a Great Mediator and Negotiate with Anyone

On today’s Inside BS Show, Dave Lorenzo interviews Amy Mariani. Amy is a mediator in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. She handles complex commercial cases and contract disputes.

Amy shares her journey in becoming a mediator. She also shares her secrets to success in this role and she offers a guide to selecting a great mediator. If you negotiate or if you are involved in litigation, this is one of the most valuable Inside BS Shows for you.


00:00 – How to Become a Great Mediator and Negotiate with Anyone
01:04  – How Amy Become a Mediator
02:36  – What was Amy’s First Mediation Case?
04:09  – How to Settle a Case as a first-time Mediator
05:47   – What are the Most Important Factors in a Successful Mediation?
08:08  – How Does Mediating Differ When You Have Friends on Both Sides?
09:24  – Do The Parties in a Mediation have an Obligation of Candor? Experience
11:12  – What is a Mediation Agreement?
12:41  – What is the Process of Discovery in Litigation?
15:36  – The Difference between Mediation and Arbitration
16:18   – A Description of the Process of Mediating
23:22  – Amy’s advice to a Business Owner who has a Dispute
24:47  – Is Business Development Easier as a Mediator than it is as a Lawyer?
27:01  – How Does a Mediator Get Court Appointed Work?
30:22  – Can a Mediator Speak Directly to the Parties Involved in a Case?
31:28  – What Should Lawyers look for In a Good Mediator?
34:25 Amy Shares Her Best Negotiating Tip                      36:00 What is the Most Common Negotiating Mistake Business Leaders Make?

Amy Mariani Mediator & Founder Mariani Mediation Services, LLC (617) 279-0540

About Amy Mariani: Amy Cashore Mariani has been assisting individuals and companies in resolving conflict for over twenty years, first during her career as a trial attorney, and then as a trained mediator, arbitrator, conciliator, facilitator, and adjunct law school faculty member. Through dialogue and separate reflection, she assists parties in prioritizing interests and assessing potential resolutions. She tailors her approach to each case based on the parties’ unique needs and circumstances.

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