How to Become a More Effective Leader | Peter A. James | Show 61

by | May 2, 2022 | Leadership

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How to Become a More Effective Leader | Peter A. James | Show 61

by Dave Lorenzo

How to Become a More Effective Leader

On this episode of The Inside BS Show Dave Lorenzo speaks with executive coach Peter A. James about leadership. If you have a team and you want them to be more productive, this is the show for you.


00:00 – How to Become a More Effective Leader
01:03  – How Did Peter Become a Leadership Coach?
02:43  – How Did Peter’s Military Experience Help Him Learn About Leadership?
04:29 – What People Should Avoid Doing in Order to Become Effective Leaders.
06:47 – What Role Does Institutional Knowledge and Training Play?
08:53  – What Should a Leader Consider While Onboarding a New Employee?
10:36  – How Can We Get Everyone Moving in the Same Direction? 
17:08 How Traditional Leaders Might Be Persuaded to Adopt a Coaching Model
21:43  – The Importance of Clarity of Purpose in Leadership
24:06  – What Should Individuals Look for in an Executive Coach?

Peter A. James Leadership Coach (312) 291-1118

About Dr. Peter A. James: Dr. Peter A. James is a certified and credentialed executive and leadership coach who focuses on helping executives and businesses transform from high performing to excellence. Peter offers more than two decades of leadership-laden experience stretching from his service within the U.S. Army to his role as the Chair of the Business School within a major university and then as an entrepreneur. A quick review of his background and credentials will show that he has served as the catalyst for successful sales, corporate education and training, and process redesign initiatives, complemented by high-caliber leadership qualifications and a proven track record in delivering value to all of the organizations and customers in which he has served.

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