How to Become the Lawyer the Doctors Trust | Melinda Malecki Show 104

by | Jul 26, 2022 | Doctor, Health Care Attorney, Healthcare

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How to Become the Lawyer the Doctors Trust | Melinda Malecki Show 104

by Dave Lorenzo

How to Become the Lawyer the Doctors Trust

On this edition of The INside BS Show, Dave Lorenzo interviews Melinda Malecki. Melinda is a Healthcare lawyer.


00:00 – The Lawyer The Doctors Trust
00:51 – How did Melinda become a Health Care Attorney?
01:57 – How did Melinda’s experience as an organ transplant coordinator help her to become a Health Care Attorney?
02:52 – What is the legal procedure for an organ transfer?
04:14 – What is the initial assessment of an organ donor following a sudden death?
08:47 – What was Melinda’s first job after graduating from the practice of healthcare law?
09:39 – What are the benefits of contract physicians? – What are the various types of work relationships that doctors will have with either a hospital or a large practice group?
11:10 – What are the benefits of contract physicians?
12:56 – Can a doctor’s contract be negotiated?
14:33 – If nurses are hired, are they restricted to healthcare practices?
15:20 – What is the role of an advanced practice nurse?
15:56 – Can a doctor work part-time at a large system while building up their practice?
17:11 – What are some of the hardest issues for a lawyer representing a doctor and a nurse to negotiate?
20:06 – How do non-compete agreements work in Illinois?
22:20  – Is it possible for physicians to sign up to work for facilities without having their contracts reviewed by a lawyer?
23:43 – Who should a physician contact when starting their own practice?                                                                          25:31 How does a doctor determine what insurance to take and not to take?                                                            26:17 What is the arrangement for outside doctors coming into a town versus the ordinary doctor?                                  29:41 How many procedures can a doctor perform in a given week or month?                                                           
30:52 What is the current state of the medical industry’s economy?                                                                                           32:58 What is the current state of the nursing market in the United States?                                                                  34:28 What should a physician who wants to start a concierge practice know?                                                     36:07 How may insurance be used when a doctor is a member of a membership organization?

Melinda Malecki Healthcare Attorney (312) 203-4505

About Melinda Malecki

Melinda Malecki is a Healthcare Law attorney with 30 years of corporate, regulatory, and risk management experience. She provides legal counsel, corporate compliance, and risk management services to physicians and healthcare practitioners, hospitals and healthcare organizations. Of note (to her) she is working on a concept called a “Pet-Legal Partnership” (PLP)which is an animal welfare care delivery model that formally includes lawyers in animal welfare care teams to address legal issues that force pet owners to abandon their pets. These issues might include substandard housing, threat of eviction or foreclosure and more. She is modeling this after an established model in the medical field called a “medical legal partnership” (MLP).

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