How to Build a Fantastic Corporate Culture | Brittany Anderson | Show 114

by | May 31, 2023 | Business, Business Development, Retirement Plan

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How to Build a Fantastic Corporate Culture | Brittany Anderson | Show 114

by Dave Lorenzo

How to Build a Fantastic Corporate Culture

Brittany Anderson Partner & President Co-founder of Dare to Dream Enterprises Author of 2 books – Imagine. Act. Inspire. A Daily Journal & Dare to Dream: Design the Retirement You Can’t Wait to Wake Up To

Brittany’s ability to lead and create a killer culture amongst the Sweet Financial team has earned her the title of “culture queen.” Since joining Sweet Financial Partners in 2008, her goal has been to help create a well‐oiled machine so the entire team can focus their days on creating an exceptional client experience. Her love of people and conviction behind inspiring everyone she touches to live as the best version of themselves has influenced her role as a coach for our Women Forward and Smarter Business platforms. She helps to empower our Women Forward members to realize their full potential and aids business owners in streamlining & systematizing their companies, all while engaging their teams.


00:00​ – How to Build a Fantastic Corporate Culture
00:04​ – A Story of Impact: Brittany’s Mom’s Story
02:46​ – How Brittany’s Mother’s Story Inspired Her to Succeed.
07:12​ – What is Brittany’s Philosophy on Attracting and Managing Money?
10:58​ – How to Train Financial Advisors to Create Value in New Ways
15:31​ – How Brittany Deals with Those Who Are Fixated on Not Having Enough in Business?
17:35​ – How Dave Acquired High-Profile Clients While Focusing on A Single Niche
​ – How to Attract People in Your Business with One Narrow Niche
​ – How Can a Financial Coach Tell when They and a Client are Clicking?
​ – What is Coming Next in Brittany’s Company?
29:18​ – How Can We Continue to Pursue Our Passions After Retiring?
37:48​ – Get Connected with Brittany’s Sweet Financial Foundation and The Dream Architect Life.


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