How to Build a Personal Brand | Susan Sharp | Show 96

by | Jun 28, 2022 | Branding, Business Strategy

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How to Build a Personal Brand | Susan Sharp | Show 96

by Dave Lorenzo

How to Build a Personal Brand

On this episode of The Inside BS Show, Dave Lorenzo interviews Susan Sharp, an artist, author, and professional speaker. The focus of today’s show is how Susan built a successful and resonant personal brand.


00:00  – How to Build a Personal Brand
00:55  – How did Susan start her career?
03:52  – How did Susan get over her feeling of being burned out?
05:40  – Who is Susan’s ideal client?
07:49  – What should people ask Susan to help them get unstuck?
13:27  – How has writing books helped Susan’s business growth?
16:51  – Susan’s Etsy Marketing Strategy 
19:03  – How does Susan manage to do her artwork while also being a professor?
20:25  – What is the significance of business development and marketing strategy for artists?

Susan Sharp Author, Speaker, Consultant (309) 868-2253

About Susan Sharp: Susan Sharp is an abstract artist, author of Mid-Life Wisdom, The Legend of Frodder Spires, and The Farty Boys series and a contributor to three other books. She’s also a speaker with a passion for understanding our creative potential and motivations. Her blend of humor and ease of presentation makes her a sought-after speaker and podcast guest. Susan speaks about her career in the arts, the artist’s workspace and its importance in creativity, her Midwest upbringing, her creative process, her career in teaching in higher education, and the desire to see all people—especially those who don’t consider themselves creative—let go of limiting beliefs and blocks to their greatness.

Through a combination of years of personal study on creativity as well as her own involvement in numerous creative pursuits (writing, art, music, design, directing, playwriting, craft, and voiceovers) Susan’s art was featured on the set of Season 7 of Orange is The New Black. For more information about Susan including availability for book signings and speaking engagements, visit

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