How to Cold Read Anyone and Become a Human Behavior Hacker | Susan Ibitz | #4

by | Feb 10, 2022 | Human Behavior

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How to Cold Read Anyone and Become a Human Behavior Hacker | Susan Ibitz | #4

by Dave Lorenzo

Would you like to be able to read people like a book? Can your career benefit from a negotiation advantage? What would your life be like if you knew what people were thinking just by the look on their face? All these skills are “human behavior hacks” and if you mastered them, you’d be known as a human behavior hacker. But you don’t have a lifetime to study under the best psychologists, hostage negotiators and behaviorists. Luckily, Dave Lorenzo has brought you someone who has done all those things and much more. On this episode of The Inside BS Show, Dave interviews Susan Ibitz, The Human Behavior Hacker and she shares her insights from a lifetime of studying how people think, look and behave.

Susan Ibitz’s Contact Information (312) 752-7227

Tim has more than 25 years of real-world sales management and sales coaching experience in various industries. Tim has helped many companies, big and small, thrive and grow. Tim has worked with companies in different industry segments and with different sales models (direct sales teams, channel partner/reseller, or distribution). His approach is more on leadership and innovation. His coaching technique includes his best practices, allowing his clients to become more competitive and to know when to walk away.


00:00 – Introduction to Human Behavior Hacking
01:10 – What is a Human Behavior Hacker?
03:00 – What Should We Look at When We First Meet Someone?
04:30 – Susan Ibitz Profiles Dave Lorenzo
06:14 – What Information Does Susan Need in Advance and What Can She Do COLD?
07:40 – Susan Shares BMW Case Study
09:15 – Listen for Things People Don’t Say 
10:20 – What Does a Missing Pronoun Mean?
13:00 – How Can You Tell Who is the REAL Decision-Maker?
15:00 – How to Use Control Questions
20:45 – What are the First Things We Should Do in a Negotiation?
25:30 – Exploring the Power of Vulnerability
31:30 – How a Zoom Background Can Lead to a Better Business Deal
33:00 – Who Susan Can Help Immediately

Susan Ibitz Bio

Susan Ibitz mission is to reach, teach, and train others to unlock the science behind human behavior. Being a “Human Behavior Hacker”, and drawing from multiple decades of expertise, Susan Ibitz is an internationally known human behavior expect; both speaking and training with a wealth of real-world knowledge and theory in the U.S., South America, Mexico, Europe, and the Caribbean.

Understanding the nonverbal human behavior-face reading, body language, and micro aggressions-gives greater depth and knowledge to how to decode individuals and groups. Trained by the experts in her field; CIA, FBI, U.S. Military, International Military as well as Level III Hostage Negotiator; no job is too small or large for Susan to get results straight away. Decade long relationships getting companies, governments, and individuals to a deeper understanding of both self and company make Susan Ibitz tick. Utilizing these skills to increase sales, team productivity, employee engagement, team building, strategy, effective communication, marketing, and growth.

Trained by the CIA, FBI, U.S Military, International Military, as well as a Level III Hostage Negotiator; Susan is dedicated to assisting governments, companies, and individuals not only to understand, but recognize individual’s hidden emotions, intentions, and potential behaviors. By decoding nonverbal human behavior, Susan’s Ibitz interrogation consulting work has added to numerous police departments resolve past and on-going criminal cases, train teams, as well as assist in legal. Susan also serves as a frequent guest lecture, speaker, keynote presenter, and across academic and government field’s.

Fluent in Spanish, Portuguese, English, and most importantly, body language, micro-expressions, linguistic forensic analysis, and face reading with a mask or without, Susan Ibitz can tailor knowledge, networks, and background to suit one’s needs. Previous clients include State, local, and national governments, and Hospitality Groups. For obvious reasons, not all can be listed as confidentially is another specialty.

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