How to Communicate Like a Powerful Executive | Donna Rusitgian Mac | Show 111

by | Sep 6, 2022 | Communication, Leadership

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How to Communicate Like a Powerful Executive | Donna Rusitgian Mac | Show 111

by Dave Lorenzo

How to Communicate Like a Powerful Executive

On this episode of the Inside BS Show, Dave Lorenzo interviews Donna Rustigian Mac.


00:00 – How to Communicate Like a Powerful Executive
01:18 – How did Donna get into Coaching Executives?
04:20 – What Makes an Effective Leader to be Good Listeners?
09:57 – How should a Business Executive make Connections with others?
12:14 – What is the main Challenge in Executive Communication?
14:52 – Is the Art of Good Communication Being Destroyed by Technology?
21:50 – How to Prepare for A Presentation to An Executive Committee 
24:00 – How Effective Is Zoom for Speeches?
27:14 – How Donna Uses Brevity to Help Individuals Become More Impactful?
29:02 – What Is the Significance of Being an Indirect and Direct Communicator?
31:22 – How Mindfulness has Aided Donna and Her Clients

Donna Rustigian Mac Executive Communication Coach (508) 954-8279

About Donna Rustigian Mac: Donna Rustigian Mac is the President of iVoice Communication, a company dedicated to creating healthy-human connections through updated, 21st century business communication skills. She provides 1:1 coaching to individuals, and group training to companies who want to expand the capabilities of their people. Donna has 30+ years of experience (in the media, digital media, corporate coaching, workforce development), She’s also a certified mindfulness teacher, and a qualified behavioral change facilitator. Donna’s work helps people communicate as their “best, most authentic selves”. She helps you break through ‘old conditioning’ so you can connect, human-to-human, with greater ease and updated skills. Donna is also the author of Guide to a Richer Life, Know Your Worth, Find Your Voice and Speak Your Truth as well as the Appreciation, #YayMe Journal and the Six Pillars of Mindful Communication.

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