How to Create a Disruptive Business | Ron Bockstahler | Show 66

by | May 9, 2022 | Business, Lawyers

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How to Create a Disruptive Business | Ron Bockstahler | Show 66

by Dave Lorenzo

Have you ever wondered how some business owners come up with a concept that disrupts the status quo? On this episode of The Inside BS Show, we have one of those business owners. On this show Dave Interviews Ron Bockstahler, the founder of Amata Offices.


00:00  – How to Create a Disruptive Business
01:20  – How did Ron go to all 50 states and 9 Canadian provinces in his RV?
04:06  – Why Amata is a unique business model
05:31  – What services does Amata offer?
06:31  – How convenient is Amata for Lawyers?
07:15  – Is there an affiliate network for Amata?
07:55  – What is Amata’s competitive advantage? 
10:42  – What is the working atmosphere like attorneys at Amata?
11:28  – How did the pandemic impact Amata?
13:06  – What would Ron do differently as a startup if he had all of this business knowledge?
17:25  – Is it a good idea for a company to have an exit strategy?
18:45  – What is Ron’s approach to managing his employees?
20:16  – Who works for Amata?
21:16  – How do paralegals handle the diversity at Amata?
23:03  – What is Amata’s business development philosophy?

Ron Bockstahler Founder Amata Law Office Suites (312) 924-0204

About Rob Bockstahler: As an entrepreneur and dreamer of what can be, I am a trusted advisor to attorneys helping set up their law practice and assisting established firms increase their bottom line. I founded Amata Law Office Suites in 2002 as a vehicle for attorneys to utilize while they focus their energies on practicing law and less on the business of a law practice. We provide solo and small law firms the infrastructure of a large law firm, including Live phone reception & new client in-take, legal support services, access to practice mgmt software, scalable office options and remote work solutions. I am a hopeless optimist, Ironman competitor and father of 6 children who have traveled to all 50 states and 9 Canadian provinces/territories with my wife and I in our RV in an 8 year period.

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