How to Create a Luxury Real Estate Experience | Carrie McCormick | #14

by | Feb 24, 2022 | Real Estate

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How to Create a Luxury Real Estate Experience | Carrie McCormick | #14

by Dave Lorenzo

Do you want to discover the secrets of one of the most successful Real Estate Brokers in Chicago? Would you like to learn how to create a powerful brand in professional services? Is creating a luxury experience for your clients important?

If you answered “YES” to any of those questions, you don’t want to miss today’s Inside BS Show.

On today’s show, Dave Lorenzo interviews Carrie McCormick, one of Chicago’s most successful Real Estate Brokers. Join us!


00:00 – How to Create a Luxury Real Estate Experience Introduction
01:30 – How Will Interest Rate Increases Impact Real Estate Sales?
03:18 – How to Select an Ideal Client as a Luxury Real Estate broker
05:00 -How do You Create a Great Experience for Your Client When There are Two Parties to a Transaction?
05:45 – What Do You with Listings that Are Not a Good Fit?
08:07 – How Did Carrie Get into Real Estate After a Career in Advertising?
11:00 – Carrie Tells the Story of Her First Foray into Real Estate 
12:50  –  How Are Affluent Buyers Different?
19:15  – How does Carrie Select the Professionals She Puts In Front of Her Clients?
22:00 – Does Carrie have a Niche Market?
23:19 – How Does Carrie Market an Ugly Property?
25:15 – Dave Tells the Story of the “Parisian Entrance”
27:20 – How Does Carrie Price a Property that is New to the Market?
30:20 – How Do You Play Psychologist to Get Sellers to Change Their Pricing?
32:30 – Does Having a Good Brand Make it Easier to Do Deals?

Carrie McCormick’s Contact Information (312) 961-4612

About Carrie McCormick Carrie McCormick, a leader in the Chicago Real Estate market, has more than 20 years of real estate sales expertise along with an unsurpassed reputation for quality and results-oriented service and support. Carrie constantly stays on top of sophisticated technology which has made her a forerunner in the marketing and selling of real estate, she has it down to a science. Her talents and on-target recommendations are always based on facts, reliable market analysis, and her vast knowledge of real estate and the market. Patient yet persistent, she is also highly detail oriented and a very determined negotiator.

McCormick is available to clients 24/7. “I communicate often and educate them on the market,” she says. “My clients and I are a team. It is important that we work together to create a successful outcome.” Selling real estate is about knowing what you are selling and articulating what the value is. Year after year, that focus has led to her placement in the top 1% for the Chicago Association of Realtors. She has also earned the association’s Bronze, Silver and Gold awards and been named a Top Social Media Contributor. Last year, she started a podcast to share tips and market information with her colleagues and clients. “My job is to provide a perfect real estate experience for my clients. I have built a support system that does just that”.

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