How to Create Effective and Lasting Change in Business | Allecia Harley | Show 85

by | Jun 8, 2022 | Consulting Business

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How to Create Effective and Lasting Change in Business | Allecia Harley | Show 85

by Dave Lorenzo

Do you want to discover the secret to starting a consulting business? Are you interested in creating change in your organization? Do you want to listen in on a fun conversation? If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, you must listen to this episode of The INside BS Show. On today’s show, Dave Lorenzo interviews consultant and epidemiologist Allecia Harley.


00:00 – How to Create Effective and Lasting Change in Business
01:04 – Allecia’s Consulting Journey
03:03 – What was Allecia’s first experience working as a Consultant like?
05:03 – What has surprised Allecia the most about business development?
05:52 – What did Allecia do to get work when she first started?
07:45 – Allecia as Epidemiologist: Views about vaccination
09:47 – Dave talks about his personal experience taking part in a vaccine trial during the COVID 19 pandemic. 
12:27 – A case study: Bringing change to a company that has done things the same way for years
18:28 – What is Allecia’s Business Competitive Advantage?
19:32 – What other ways does Allecia use speaking to help her Consulting Business?
21:06 – How does Allecia promote her Consulting Services?
22:28 – A piece of advice for those returning to work as speakers
26:32 – How can speaking be a form of media?
27:57 – What do Dave and Allecia have in common: A great story

Allecia Harley Principal Consultant Prevention Advisory Group (312) 288-8628

About Allecia Harley:

Do you need help seeing around corners and preparing for the future? As a change agent, Allecia Harley, formerly of Huron Consulting Group, provides forward-thinking solutions to strategic and operational challenges. Her clients are nonprofit, academic, and public health organizations. Allecia holds a Master’s in Public Health from the University of Michigan and a Bachelor of Science from Spelman College. She lives in Chicago with her husband, teenage son, and their dog, Cassius Clay.

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