How to Develop Business Strategy | Barry Horwitz | Show 93

by | Jun 23, 2022 | Business Development, Business Strategy

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How to Develop Business Strategy | Barry Horwitz | Show 93

by Dave Lorenzo

How to Develop Business Strategy

If you own, manage or lead a business, this is the show for you. On this edition of the Inside BS Show, Dave Lorenzo interviews Barry Horwitz, a business strategist.

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00:00 – How to Develop Business Strategy
01:23 – How did Barry Develop his Entrepreneurial Mindset?
03:14 – What does Culture Eat for Breakfast?
05:09 – Strategy as defined by Barry Horwitz
06:11 – What is the Difference Between Strategy and Strategy Implementation?
07:51 – How does Barry’s Experience Assist Clients in Achieving Business Success?
09:48 – What is Barry’s Strategy for Dealing with Clients who have no chance of Growing the Business? 
11:44 – Was Barry ever fired by his clients for telling them the truth about their company’s not-so-great potential?
14:46 – How to Navigate the Internal Politics of a Client Organization?
20:07 – How does Barry handle aggravating people in an organization?
22:22 – How to Enhance the Lifetime Value of the Client?
24:51 – How has COVID 19 Pandemic and all of its ancillary issues Impacted Client Strategy?
27:24 – How wonderful it is to reconnect with people after the COVID 19 Pandemic.
30:03 – What is the Future of home-based businesses like Real Estate after a Pandemic?
34:39 – The importance of working from home versus working full-time in an office
37:49 – What does Barry do for Business Development? 40:21 What is the leverage that Provisors provides to Barry?

Barry Horwitz +1-617-928-0572

About Horwitz and Company:

Barry Horwitz established Horwitz and Company in 1995, a management consulting firm that specializes in helping clients grow in a strategic and sustainable way. His career has been exceptionally diverse and varied, spanning a broad range of industries, organization types and sizes, both domestic and international.

As a consultant with The Boston Consulting Group, he helped Fortune 500 companies assess competitive situations and develop growth strategies. As a co-founder and chief operating officer of a venture-backed Internet startup, he raised more than $12 million in venture capital and led the company’s expansion for three years. As a VP of marketing and strategy for a billion-dollar retail chain, he developed the growth strategy for the core business while initiating the launch of a mail-order pharmacy unit that was ultimately sold to Medco.

In his nonprofit work, he has facilitated strategic planning, marketing and business plan development for organizations ranging from national in scope (such as Charity Navigator and two divisions of the American Nurses Association) to local/ regional (such as Chimes International, Inc., The Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology and the Conservation Law Foundation).

A sought after speaker and moderator, Horwitz teaches MBA courses in strategy and entrepreneurship at Boston University’s Questrom School of Business and Emerson College’s Global Marketing program.

He earned his MBA from Harvard Business School and his bachelor’s degree in economics from Colby College. An avid tennis and squash player, he lives in Newton, Massachusetts with his wife and empty nest.

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