How to Do Business with a Banker | Andrea Tadych | #50

by | Apr 15, 2022 | Bankers, Business Development

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How to Do Business with a Banker | Andrea Tadych | #50

by Dave Lorenzo

How to Do Business with a Banker

Bankers can be and should be your best referral source. Unfortunately, you don’t know how to develop a relationship with them. All of that can and will change if you listen to today’s episode of the Inside BS Show.

On this show, Dave Lorenzo has a conversation with Andrea Tadych, SVP of Commercial Banking at Evergreen Bank. Andrea shares with us the step-by-step guide to developing a relationship with a banker.


00:00 – Introduction to How to Develop a Relationship with a Banker
01:14  – How Did Andrea Became A Banker?
02:05What Is the Difference between Commercial Banking and a Private Banking?
04:23 – What Does It Take To Get A Banker’s Attention? 
07:39How to Get a Line of Credit
09:45 How to Get Better Treatment when Applying for a Loan
11:12 – Who Is A Bank’s Most Valuable Customer?
16:37 – What Is The Best Way To Refer A Banker?
18:28 – Is There An Industry That Is Easier For A Banker To Work With?
20:18 – Is It Easier to Get a Collateralized Loan Approved?
22:19What Happens if you are Late on a Loan Payment?
24:29 – What Is The Best Way For A Business To Deepen The Relationship With A Bank?
25:26 – What Andrea Wishes People Knew About Banking
26:40What are the Differences Between a Regional Bank, a Community Bank, and a Big National Or Multinational Bank?
29:19 – Why Do Multinational Banks Suck?


Andrea Tadych SVP, Commercial Banking

Evergreen Bank group

(312) 620-3613

About Andrea Tadych

I form partnerships with businesses to help them get the most out of their banking relationship to benefit their goals, needs and overall efficiency. I ensure my customers are using the right products and services to make them succeed in the daily and long-term. From lending to technology, I work with my business customers through every aspect of their financial needs.

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