How to Do Business with a Commercial Banker | Patrick Osborne | Show 90

by | Jun 16, 2022 | Bankers, Commercial Banking

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How to Do Business with a Commercial Banker | Patrick Osborne | Show 90

by Dave Lorenzo

How to Do Business with a Commercial Banker

If you’ve wondered how to get the attention of a business banker, this is the show for you. On today’s Inside BS show, Dave Lorenzo interviews Patrick Osbourne, a commercial banker with CIBC.


00:00 – How to Do Business with a Commercial Banker
00:42 – How did Patrick get into Banking?
02:57 – What is the underwriting process when lending money to Non-Traditional Bank Clients?
04:27 – Who are Patrick’s ideal clients?
05:21 – How does a Commercial Relationship Manager provide services to clients?
07:03 – How important is a middle-market in Patrick’s business relationships with personal and commercial banking?
09:37 – What is Patrick’s Business Development Process? 
11:34 – Patrick’s Inspiring Success Story in Business Development
17:35 – How to Form a Relationship Between a Banker and a Client
19:44 – What are some of Patrick Osborne’s rules for dealing with a banker?
23:33 – Who is not a good referral to a banker?
25:20 – Referring business the way you want to be referred by Dave Lorenzo
27:53 – How can referral help people connect and do business?
29:17 – Who are the three types of LinkedIn users?
31:57 – How important and useful is LinkedIn to Patrick?
33:40 – Dave’s connection request guidelines on LinkedIn  
36:36 – Avoiding red flags when doing connection business on LinkedIn                                                                              38:31 Dave’s strategic plan for networking relationships that will benefit his clients.

Patrick Osborne Managing Director CIBC (312) 564-2879

About Patrick Osborne:

Managing Director and Commercial Banking Relationship Manager at CIBC responsible for managing existing relationships and new business development efforts for commercial and industrial (C&I) clients in Chicagoland and specialty finance clients nationally. Patrick provides loans to middle market companies with revenues of $25MM to $2B, along with wealth management, treasury management and capital markets services to businesses and their owners.

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