How to Fall in Love with EBITDA | Jennifer Yousem | Show 73

by | May 20, 2022 | CFO, EBITA

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How to Fall in Love with EBITDA | Jennifer Yousem | Show 73

by Dave Lorenzo

How to Fall in Love with EBITDA

If you have ever been confused by the financial information in your business, this is the show for you. In this episode of The Inside BS Show, Dave Lorenzo interviews financial expert, fractional CFO, bookkeeping company owner, and entrepreneur, Jennifer Yousem.


00:00  – How to Fall in Love with EBITDA
01:21  – The story behind Jennifer’s website’s unique name
02:16  – What does Jennifer do to help people?
02:54  – What can a client do to get connected with Jennifer and her firm?
05:37  – When should a company need Jennifer’s services?
13:08  – When should a controller or a CFO be hired?
15:46  – What areas of business can a fractional CFO’s work significantly impact? Experience
21:36  – How you should book income for work in progress?
23:22  – What is the significance of cash versus accrual in business?
24:42  – How can Jennifer prevent a potential problem with financial statements?
27:54  – Who should we connect with Jennifer?
30:12  – What causes most business owners to be confused about their financial statements?

Jennifer Yousem (310) 991-4298

About Jennifer Yousem Jennifer started her career in equity research but pivoted into corporate finance for media companies after business school and for 15 years led teams in business development and strategic and operational finance at Sony, Paramount, Viacom, Clear Channel & Daily Mail. She helped launch Verizon Hearst Media Partners in 2016 and as their CFO, led the merger with Complex to form Complex Networks, a multi-platform digital lifestyle brand owned by Verizon and Hearst. Jennifer founded I Heart EBITDA in 2019 to bring her enterprise-level finance and operational expertise to the mid-market through fractional CFO services and purchased Supporting Strategies Queens to service the entire finance function by providing outsourced bookkeeping and controller services

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