How to Find Your Mission and Purpose | Sheri Prentis | Show 100

by | Jul 15, 2022 | FInding Mission & Purpose in Life, Physician Leader

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How to Find Your Mission and Purpose | Sheri Prentis | Show 100

by Dave Lorenzo

How to Find Your Mission and Purpose

On this edition of the Inside BS Show, Dave Lorenzo interviews Dr. Sheri Prentiss. Join us to find your mission and purpose.


00:00 – How to Find Your Mission and Purpose
00:52 – The truly inspirational background of Dr. Sheri Prentis
08:03 – How Dr. Sheri helps doctors by sharing her knowledge
13:25 – How genuine a physician’s empathy for their patients should be
17:38 – Culture and COVID vaccines: Dave’s personal experience
21:20 – Race and Vaccines
24:39 – How medical professionals can persuade people of color to get the COVID vaccine 
27:58 – How physicians find their purpose
39:13 – An important lesson for aspiring medical students

Dr. Sheri Prentiss, MD President & CEO S Phillips Consulting (847) 602-2277

About Dr. Sheri Prentiss:

Dr. Sheri (pronounced Sher-Ree) is a visionary, best-selling author and sought-after physician leader. She is a board certified occupational & environmental medicine physician, public health expert, and a breast cancer survivor. After breast cancer treatment left her disabled from lymphedema in her right upper extremity, stripping her of her life-long dream of being a practicing physician, she re-invented herself and went on to become a national public figure, professional speaker, and entrepreneur/owner of her own healthcare consulting business. She has been the catalyst for transformation in the space of cultural and workplace diversity for more than two decades. She launched her TV show, The LIVE Today Show, on CANTV channel 21, as well as her podcast, “Where Medicine Meets Ministry: Dr. Sheri Talks Faith & Facts.”

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