How to Follow Up and Close Sales

by | Oct 10, 2021 | Sales

How to Follow Up and Close Sales 

If you are looking for the key to making more money and closing more sales, I have solution for you today on this edition of The Inside BS Show. Follow-Up has been the key to my success as a sales leader. I want you to enjoy the same type of success. Join me for today show and you’ll discover my follow-up system that has helped generate millions in new revenue.


00:00 – Follow Up. Close Sales. Repeat!
00:17 – The Four Types of Revenue In Any Business
02:15 – How to transition into the other three types of revenue.
02:50 – How important is it to stay in contact with your client database?
04:03 – The magic of customer follow-up.
04:52 – How can you bring your clients together?

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