How to Get Clients as a Lawyer | Nermin Jasani | #5

by | Feb 11, 2022 | Clients, Lawyers

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If you don’t have a wildly successful law firm, you must join us for this episode of The Inside BS Show. On this show, Dave Lorenzo interviews business growth expert Nermin Jasani. In this wide-ranging session, these business development gurus share their business practices for law firm marketing and business development. This is a clinic on how to get clients as a lawyer. Don’t miss today’s show.

Nermin Jasani’s Contact Information (770) 235-1988


00:00 – Intro How Lawyers Get Clients
00:53 – Why Did Nermin Name Her Website “We Are Wildly Successful?”
02:20 – How Does Nermin Define Being “Wildly Successful?”
03:45 – Why Your Life is Not an Either/or Proposition (This is Key to Balance)
05:05 – How Do I Handle the Judgement of My Peers?
07:30 – How Did Nermin Get to a Place Where She Feels Great About Work and Life?
11:45 – What Nermin Learned from Starting a Mattress Factory 
12:50 – Why Rejection is a Great Teacher and Trainer for Future Sales Success
16:00  – How the Financial Aspects of a Law Firm Have Been Misunderstood by Lawyers
19:33 – Clients Never Bring You the Actual Problem. How Does Nermin Diagnose the Real Issue?
21:40 – Does a Successful Business Need Employees?
30:38 – How Do We Help Clients Choose the Correct Business Model?
33:50 – Best Advice Ever: Don’t Ever Source Work for Yourself
36:20 – How Do You Convince Someone That Business Development is the Most Important Thing They Can Learn?
40:00 – How to Structure Your Onboarding Process
42:00 – Nermin Also Works with Dentists. Why? How?      
43:10 The Magic of Reciprocal Referrals (How Nermin Attracts Dental Practices)                                                     45:50 How Do You Activate Evangelists and Convince Them to Refer You                                                                 46:00 How Does Nermin Teach People to Refer Business?

Nermin Jasani is a New York State licensed attorney. Nermin practiced law on Wall Street as in-house counsel. After that, Nermin started her own law practice working with hedge funds and other regulated entities. In 2017, Nermin started consulting lawyers on having a successful law practice. She realizes that as lawyers, we never learned in law school the business of running a law practice. She helps lawyers focus on the fundamentals of being a business owner: pricing, financial projections, budgets, marketing, hiring, efficiency, leveraging technology, etc.

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