How to Get People to Remember You | Matt Deutschman | #19

by | Mar 3, 2022 | Promotional Marketing

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How to Get People to Remember You | Matt Deutschman | #19

by Dave Lorenzo

How to Get People to Remember You

How do you get people to remember you? Is there something you leave behind to help people think about you after your meeting is over? What could your prospective clients use each day that could help them think of you?

If you struggled to answer any of these questions, you need to listen to today’s Inside BS Show. On Today’s show, Dave Lorenzo interviews Matt Deutschman a promotional marketing expert. Matt shares his secrets for helping people remember who you are and the value you provide.


00:00 – Introduction to How to Get People to Remember You
00:52 – What Does Doubletake Promotional Marketing Do?
01:30 – What’s the Coolest and Newest Thing Matt Has Seen in the Past Year?
05:40 – How to Use Logoed Products
06:20 – Dave Tells a Success Story with Promotional Products
08:43 – Matt Tells a Success Story with Promotional Products
12:47 – The Use of Logoed Apparel in Marketing 
14:32  –  What is the Best Way to Select an Apparel for Promotion?
16:30 – What Innovation is Matt Most Proud of in Promotional Products?
19:20 – What are Some Things Matt Has Used for Client Gift Programs?
23:50 – What are Great Employee Incentive Gifts?
27:00 – The Three Promotional Products Dave Lorenzo Uses All The Time
29:42 – What Are Some of the Tried and True Promotional Products

Matt Deutschman Owner Doubletake Promotional Marketing (847) 324-9020 https://doubletakepromotionalmarketin…

About Matt Deutschman Matt is the owner of Doubletake Promotional Marketing, specializing in promotional products, branded merchandise, and custom decorated apparel. Matt and his team take a strategic marketing approach to working with clients to understand their brand and target market and provide effective solutions to their marketing goals. Doubletake has established expertise working with clients in the finance, professional services, advertising/marketing, higher education, and construction industries. Through the consultative process he employs, Matt can uncover needs and establish himself as a resource to his clients, and as a connector between his clients and other professionals. He is the fourth generation in his family in his industry and founded Doubletake in 2010. Matt is also a children’s book author and has published two books with more in process.

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