How to Handle Crisis Communications | Dave Oates | Show 105

by | Aug 1, 2022 | Crisis Communication

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How to Handle Crisis Communications | Dave Oates | Show 105

by Dave Lorenzo

How to Handle Crisis Communications

On this episode of the Inside BS Show Dave Lorenzo Interviews Dave Oates, a Crisis Communications expert.


00:00 – How to Handle Crisis Communications
01:03 – What is crisis communication, and how is it different from typical public relations?
02:23 – The Pigeon Story
10:34 – How to Take Action to Inform People About Your Community Partner Status
12:16 – How to say a proper apology
15:01 – Why is lying a poor idea in the age of social media?
17:32 – What should you never do in a crisis situation? 
20:24 -How to Craft a Message that Resonates with Your Audience
30:34 – Hugh Grant’s Story
34:44 – Deal With Small Problems to Prevent a Major Crisis
39:00 – How High Profile People Handle the Media
42:44 – Dave Oates’ suggestion for dealing with the rumor mill
45:49 – Who should contact Dave Oates for assistance?

Dave Oates Crisis Communications Expert (858) 300-6168

About Dave Oates: Dave possesses more than 25 years of strategic public relations experience dealing with a wide array of adverse public events. Starting as a U.S. Navy Public Affairs Officer and later as a Corporate Chief Marketing Officer and Non-Profit President, he excels in expertly addressing a myriad of crises spans military, government, corporate, charity, and start-up environments. His Crisis Communications experiences, including handling employee and executive misconduct, cybersecurity attacks, product recalls, mass layoffs, large-scale accidents, criminal investigations, and civil litigation matters.

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