How to Have Tough Conversations | Lynne Franklin | #6

by | Feb 14, 2022 | Leadership Communication Coach

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Have you ever told a story that just fell flat? Have you tried to persuade someone, and they acted like they didn’t even hear you? Have you tried to have a difficult conversation only to bumble and stumble your way into making the situation worse? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you need to check out this episode of the Inside BS Show. On today’s show, Dave Lorenzo grills Lynne Franklin about her best strategy for handling these situations and many others.


00:00 – Introduction How to Have Tough Conversations
03:25 – The Story Where Lynne Has a Machete Trust at Her Throat
05:10 – The Neuropsychology Behind How Lynne Defused a Difficult Situation
08:00 – The Gap and How it Impacts Your Ability to Persuade
10:00 – The Mistakes Most of Us Make with Persuasion
14:30 – How Lynne Fixed a Communication Gap with Two Senior Executives
17:10 – Lookers, Listeners, and Touchers and Why You Need to Know Who They Are 
18:38 – What Lynne Advises Professional Speakers to Do When They Struggle
21:00 – Lynne Gives Us Her Best Tip for Zoom Speaking Engagements
22:50 – Which Came First for Lynne: Speaking or Consulting?
24:00 – How a Tarot Card Reader Predicted Lynne’s Future
25:30 – Lynne Fixes Dave’s Issue with Remembering People’s Names
27:00 – The Seven Second Rule
28:56 – How to Tell a Great Story
31:00 – How Much Detail is Enough and How Much is Too Much?
32:00 – How to Connect with Lynne Franklin

Lynne Franklin – Contact Information (847) 729-5716

About Lynne Franklin After a boy threatened to kill her with a machete, Lynne Franklin started learning all she could about persuasion. She’s a neuroscience nerd: translating how the brain works into practical, easy-to-use communication tools. Lynne is a leadership communication coach, trainer and speaker. Leaders and teams work with her to reach their goals by building more rapport, creating more trust, and breaking down communication silos in their organizations.

Her TEDx Talk, “How to Be a Mind Reader,” went viral with 4.5+ million views ( She is an international speaker and past president of the National Speakers Association Illinois Chapter. Lynne wrote the book Getting Others To Do What You Want. ( She’s working on her next one—Leaders on Rapport: Secrets to Creating Successful Connections. For fun, Lynne writes and sings song parodies about the pandemic and posts them on her YouTube channel. ( Her personal favorites include “Home and Deranged” (to “Home on the Range”) and “At-Home Schooling” (to “Oklahoma”).

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