How to Improve Your Business Performance | Rob Stepen | Show 86

by | Jun 10, 2022 | Business Performance, Referrals

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How to Improve Your Business Performance | Rob Stepen | Show 86

by Dave Lorenzo

Insperity is a company that helps businesses with their human capital management. On this episode of The Inside BS Show, Dave Lorenzo interviews Business Performance Advisor Rob Stepen. Rob shares the value of Insperity’s services, and he shares valuable business advice.

Join us for this compelling interview.


00:00 – How to improve your business performance
01:05 – What does Insperity do?
03:07 – How does Insperity’s co-employment model work?
04:24 – What are the different business services Insperity provides?
06:49 – How does Rob find his clients?
08:43 – What you should know if you want to start a business
15:50 – How altruistic behavior benefits Your business, life, and happiness 
19:51 – How being a Provisors member can help you broaden and strengthen your network
25:38 – Who are Rob’s best clients?
28:37 – The value of referrals


Rob Stepen Business Performance Advisor Insperity (773) 818-7002

About Rob Stepen:

I apply decades of experience as a business owner to work with Small to Mid-size businesses to realize their company goals by improving their efficiency, accelerating growth and driving revenue by introducing our PEO Model.

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