How to Increase the Value of Your Business | Steve Baker | #22

by | Mar 8, 2022 | Business, Business Development

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How to Increase the Value of Your Business | Steve Baker | #22

by Dave Lorenzo

How to Increase the Value of Your Business | Steve Baker | #22

If you have a business and you are wondering how it will be viewed by investors, this is the show for you. On this episode of the Inside BS Show, Dave Lorenzo speaks with Steve Baker, a consultant who helps mid-market businesses get ready for sale or increase their value prior to a Mergers and Acquisition event.


00:00 – Introduction How Do You Increase The Value of Your Business
01:25 – Steve’s Story: How He Became the Guy Who Increases Business Value
02:15 – A Definition of Commercial Operations
06:00 – An Example of How Steve’s Company Cleaned Up Organizational Complexity
08:00 – Why Do Big Companies Lose Focus on Integration at Acquisition?
13:00 – Why Steve’s Company is Good at Integration when Big Companies Drop the Ball
14:50 – How Does Steve Help a Company that Will Be Sold? 
18:00 – What is the Value of Goodwill in an Acquisition?
20:30How does Steve Handle Intellectual Property During a Sale of a Business?

22:00 – How Does Steve Work with Companies That Have More Value When Broken Apart?
27:30 – When is the Business Only Valuable to the People Who Own and Work in It?
30:00 – Steve Tells a CE2 Success Story

Steve Baker CE2 Partners (630) 240-2383

About Steve Baker As a President, General Manager and Executive VP/Sales & Marketing, Steve successfully led global organizations to $450M in net sales and over 25% EBITDA. His direct experience is in industrial and commercial durable products working with direct, value-added, transactional and online sales channels globally; B2B and B2C. He has deep commercial operations expertise in industrial, healthcare, education, government, infrastructure and distribution sectors, working with companies from lower middle market to Fortune 1000. He is quick to learn new businesses and has a passion for working with organizations to execute initiatives faster and with greater accuracy, achieve a larger addressable market, leverage working capital and price for maximum financial impact. Steve is a master at developing, affirming and executing growth strategy; working cross-functionally; and achieving projected financial and strategic results.

As an example: – Mid-market companies routinely struggle to decide and execute on their strategic options. We bring resources, investigation, data, and insights so they can 1) compare them and 2) make the best ones actionable.

-A company’s business model needs to be updated to track with their overall commercial objectives for growth and profitability. Examples: After a strategic acquisition, as an example, when the newco business model needs to reflect the strategic objective. Or maybe their model has become too complex and expensive to operate, or maybe the market has shifted. Mid-market companies soften lack the resources or in-house expertise to determine what that model should look like and what it will deliver. –

Other times, they just need data and insights on new customers or markets to execute a growth initiative.

Steve also does sell-side M&A advisory, primarily working with companies to drive up the selling price by clearly articulating and then proving growth opportunities, including what implementation looks like, the strategic value, and the likely economic outcomes.

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