How To Lead a Fast-Growing Team of Professionals | Inside BS Interview with Erika Buenaventura

by | Jul 28, 2023 | Professionals, ProVisors

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How To Lead a Fast-Growing Team of Professionals | Inside BS Interview with Erika Buenaventura

by Dave Lorenzo

How to Lead a Fast-Growing Team of ProfessionalsInside BS Interview with Erika Buenaventura | Show 149

Erika Buenaventura is the Regional Director for ProVisors in South Florida. Her region, which includes Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties is one of the fastest-growing regions in the United States.

On today’s show, Dave Lorenzo and Nicola Gelormino interview Erika and discuss her career journey, being a busy working mom and leading a group of big-ego professionals.


00:00​ – How to Lead a Fast-Growing Team of Professionals
00:50 – Dave Asks Nicola About Her Past and What Quality from Growing Up She Carries with her Today
01:40 – Dave Discusses Loyalty and Why it is One of the Qualities He Values Most in a Friend
04:00 – Why Dave is Grateful to Erika
05:42 – What does a ProVisors Regional Director Do?
08:05 – How did Erika Find ProVisors?
12:00 – Erika Shares How ProVisors in South Florida is Organized 
20:00 – How Erika Introduced Dave and Nicola
23:45 –  Why did Erika Decide to Work at ProVisors?
25:45 – What Makes Erika So Successful as a Regional Director?
27:00 – What is One Piece of Advice Erika Would Give a New Regional Director?
27:45 – What is the Most Exciting Thing About Being a ProVisors Regional Director?
29:00 – How Does Erika Balance Being a Mom and Working in a High-Pressure Job?
32:10 – Erika has a Remote Relationship with Her Boss. How Does that Work for Her?
34:16 – What is a Challenge that Erika Has Faced as a Regional Director?
35:23 – How Does Erika Manage the Different Personalities in ProVisors?                                                                            36:16 – How Hard is it to Manage and Motivate Volunteers?                                                                                40:50 – How Has Erika’s Personal Story Influenced Her and Help Her Become Successful?                                              44:05 – Who Was One of Erika’s Early Mentors?                 45:42 – What Does Erika Look for in a ProVisors Group Leader?                                                                                      46:50 – How Does Erika Help These Group Leaders to Be Successful?                                                                                49:45 – How Has Being a Competitive Person Helped Erika Succeed?                                                                                    
51:50 – How Does Erika Balance Being Competitive with Being Good Natured?                                                            55:00 – What Will ProVisors Look Like Five Years from Now?                                                                                          57:00 – What is Next for Erika Buenaventura?                      58:00 – Erika Shares Three of Her Core Values with Us    59:18 – Erika Asks Dave Why He Joined ProVisors.          1:04:00 – What Advice would Nicola Give to a New ProVisors Member?                                                                          1:05:27 – What Motivates Dave to Put Other People First?    1:08:59 – What Motivates Nicola to Do a Great Job as a Leader in ProVisors?

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