How to Make a Proposal That Clients Can’t Say No To | A Resource for Entrepreneurs | Show 168

by | Aug 24, 2023 | Clients, Entrepreneurs

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How to Make a Proposal That Clients Can't Say No To | A Resource for Entrepreneurs | Show 168

by Dave Lorenzo

How to Make a Proposal That Clients Can’t Say No To | A Resource for Entrepreneurs

Join Dave and Nicola as they delve deep into the world of client relationships! In this episode, they uncover:

🔹 Anticipating Client Concerns: The power of proactive thinking in business.

🔹 Value from the Start: Why showcasing expertise upfront can be a game-changer.

🔹 Personal Touches Matter: How simple gestures can make your clients feel cherished.

🔹 More than Just a Service: Creating a community around what you offer.

🔹 The Freedom to Decline: Dave’s impactful strategy of giving clients permission to say no.

Discover why mutual respect and a pressure-free environment are key. Dive in to learn how to craft offers your clients can’t resist! 👥🤝📈 #ClientRelations #InsideBSShow #businesstips

Key Points: Anticipate Barriers and Address Them: Businesses should be proactive in foreseeing potential issues clients might face and addressing them head-on. For instance, CEOs often want transparency, so providing them with a list of group members upfront can alleviate concerns.

Provide Value Upfront: This can come in many forms, including whitepapers or other content that showcases the business’s expertise, demonstrating credibility and building trust from the outset.

Make Clients Feel Special: Regardless of the size of the business, personal touches matter. A personal meeting or even a simple note can make clients feel appreciated and valued.

Build a Community Around Your Offer: This isn’t just about providing a service or product but about giving clients a sense of belonging. Staying at a prestigious hotel, for example, isn’t just about accommodation; it’s also about the status and community associated with it.

Permission to Say No: Dave emphasizes the significance of allowing potential clients the freedom to decline. By setting a clear stage for discussions and removing the “maybe” option, businesses can foster an environment of trust. When clients are given explicit permission to say no, they often feel less pressured, more engaged, and are more likely to make a definitive decision.

Throughout the discussion, both speakers stress the importance of mutual respect, value delivery, and the creation of a pressure-free environment in business interactions. The overarching message is that by focusing on these elements, businesses can create offers that are nearly irresistible to potential clients.


00:00​ – How to Make a Proposal That Clients Can’t Say No To
01:00​ – The Difference Between Influence and Manipulation
01:57 – Offer Options
07:30 – Remove Barriers
11:41 – Form A Community of Clients
15:26 – Make Clients Feel Special
17:09 – Give Permission to Say No 

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