How to Make Employee Wellbeing a Competitive Advantage for Your Firm | Jonathan Eisler | Show 54

by | Apr 21, 2022 | EAP, Organizational Consulting

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How to Make Employee Wellbeing a Competitive Advantage for Your Firm | Jonathan Eisler | Show 54

by Dave Lorenzo

How to Make Employee Wellbeing a Competitive Advantage for Your Firm

We live and work in stressful times. On today’s Inside BS Show, Dave Lorenzo interviews Jonathan Eisler, the VP of Business Development for an Organizational Effectiveness company called Perspectives. Jonathan and Dave discuss the importance of providing a safe space for employees to share their mental health challenges and how do so can make your firm an employer of preference.


00:00 – How to Make Employee Wellbeing a Competitive Advantage for Your Firm
01:39  – What does Jonathan love About his Job?
05:00 – The Importance of Organizational Consulting During the Pandemic
09:56  – What are the advantages of using an Employee Assistance Program?
12:28  – How to educate and empower people to provide consulting services before a tragedy occurs.
16:56 – What method does Jonathan use to help CEOs understand their employees’ needs?
20:32  – What did Jonathan do to help his clients deal with the pandemic? 
27:07  – When is the best time for a business to engage Jonathan?
31:20 – Recognizing the importance of employee assistance programs and creating a more positive workplace culture.
33:24 – What Makes Jonathan Happy?

Jonathan Eisler Vice President Business Development (312) 636-6609

About Jonathan Eisler:

Jonathan helps organizations articulate their goals then build, grow, and retain winning teams that achieve results that matter. At Perspectives, he oversees efforts focused on helping more and more companies support their employee’s mental, emotional, and overall wellbeing. Jonathan works with their bench of consultants as they develop leaders’ skills so they can cultivate engaged, well-rounded employees looking to grow along with the company.

Jonathan has been a business leader since 2003 and began working as a consultant in 2006, with experience in clinical psychology, interpersonal coaching, human resources, organizational development, survey design and analysis, leadership training, program design, and team development. He’s a certified professional behavioral analyst (CPBA) with a master’s degree in industrial and organizational psychology from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology; master’s degree of business administration (MBA) from the Morris Graduate School of Management; and a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Flagler College.

His love for giving back has motivated him to get involved with the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce, the Association of Consultants to Nonprofits and the Chicago chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management. As part of his passion for helping today’s youth succeed in school and beyond, he actively volunteers his time to iMentor Chicago and LINK Unlimited. The energy he brings to supporting the teams and organizations he works with is based on the same philosophy he follows outside of the office: Live life to the fullest without entertaining ideas like “someday,” “later” or “should.”

I live in Chicago with my amazing wife and our two Jack Russell Terriers, travel frequently, thrive on new experiences, play a 3-string cigar box guitar and love extreme sports.

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