How To Negotiate An Agreement | A Gude for Entrepreneurs | Show 167

by | Aug 23, 2023 | Entrepreneurs, Negotiating

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How To Negotiate An Agreement | A Gude for Entrepreneurs | Show 167

by Dave Lorenzo

How To Negotiate An Agreement | A Gude for Entrepreneurs

Join Dave Lorenzo “The Godfather” and Nicola Gelormino “Nicki G” as they dive deep into the world of business negotiations on this episode of The Inside BS Show. Unlock key strategies for successful business discussions:

1️⃣ **Mastering Preparation**: Discover why understanding all positions is paramount for constructive talks.

2️⃣ **Staying Cool**: Learn how a calm and patient approach can be your strongest asset.

3️⃣ **Initiating with Simple Agreements**: Setting a positive tone can be a game-changer. Hear a riveting union negotiation story from Lorenzo himself!

4️⃣ **Closing Strong with Decision Makers**: Seal the deal with commitment and intent by involving the key players.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, an aspiring negotiator, or just looking to gain insight into the world of business dealings, this episode is packed with valuable inside BS (Business Strategy 😉)!

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00:00​ – How To Negotiate An Agreement
01:17 – Identify the Motive of the Other Party
04:14 – Identify Points of Leverage
05:56 – Clarity of Purpose
08:55 – Agree on the Easy Stuff
12:14 – Bring Decision-Makers Into the Room

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The Inside BS Show with the Godfather and Nicki G provides business leaders with inside business secrets to help them make a great living and live a great life. Since its inception in 2020, the show has been a valuable resource for CEOs and business leaders seeking the personal and professional knowledge they need to take their businesses to the next level while making the journey more rewarding.

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