How To Network Effectively At Online Events | Show 170

by | Aug 28, 2023 | Networking, Online Networking

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How To Network Effectively At Online Events

If you’ve ever attended a networking event on Zoom, you’ve probably thought:

How am I going to stand out among the crowd of people on this screen? Will anyone even remember who I am and what I do?

Why should I invest my time on this online platform when I could meet someone in person and develop a REAL relationship?

Those are all excellent questions, but there is HUGE value to be realized from online networking. If you are wondering what it is and how you’ve been missing it all this time, you must join Nicola Gelormino and Dave Lorenzo for this episode of The Inside BS Show.


00:00​ – How To Network Effectively At Online Events
01:53 – Bring Great Energy
05:01 – Pick Your Networking Targets in Advance
06:40 – Setup Your Follow Up In Advance
08:37 – Be Present
10:42 – Bring a Powerful Personal Brand

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